Chapter Thirty Seven ~ Terminal

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When I woke, I was on the ground next to Aiden, head resting on his chest. Still half asleep, I pressed closer to Aiden and the warmth he provided, the fabric of his shirt soft against my cheek, sighing as his arm tightened around me in response.

After several minutes, I began to shift. "I have to go," I murmured against Aiden's warm chest.

"Hmm?" He groaned, not even opening his eyes, refusing to let me go.

"I'm going to be late," I complained.

"Just a few more minutes," he insisted, tugging me back. There was no real strength in the movement but I allowed  him to pull me down, safe in the knowledge that I could break his grip in seconds if needed.

I rolled my eyes. "Your back is going to be so sore," I told him.

"And yours won't?" He yawned. I scrunched up my nose, irritated by the smell.

"I've slept on worse," I replied, beginning to tug myself away once again.

He made some sort of noise of acknowledgement. "Sushi?" He mumbled, still half asleep.

"For breakfast?"

He cracked one eye open, watching as I unwrapped his arms. "You've had chocolate cake for breakfast, before," he reminded me. "Let's get sushi."

"Won't Aisa be worried that you didn't go back to the apartment last night?" I asked, sitting up.

"Mmm, he knows where I am." Aiden grinned, reaching out and wrapping an arm around my waist.

I rolled my eyes and peeled his arms off of me. "I have to meet my team at the training grounds, soon," I informed him, wandering to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"Right, Cashile, the sensei," Aiden teased, turning on his side to watch me walk away.

"Not by choice!" I reminded him before brushing my teeth.

It was a partial truth. I did have to meet my team at the training grounds, but I had an... errand of sorts to run first.

"Sushi after?" Aiden asked when I reappeared. He was still on the ground, but had propped himself up with a pillow from the couch.

"Sure," I called back, slipping my boots on and closing the door behind me.

For some reason, I was smiling.


I transported myself to a beaten down house closer to the other side of the village. Not many houses were built down here and the ones that were weren't too great to live in.

I opted for the window over the door, and settled on the outer ledge of the open window in Kento's room. He was sharpening his kunai when I arrived.

"Kento," I said, earning his immediate attention. I considered reprimanding him for his lack of awareness before deciding against it.

"Sensei?" His eyes widened with more worry than surprise, and I take note of it immediately; there was obviously something he didn't want me to find out. Why else would he be so worried about me appearing at his house?

"I'm not late, am I? I thought we weren't supposed to meet for another half hour, at least!"

I raised an eyebrow at his babble, studying his pale skin and the bags just beginning to form beneath his eyes. "When will you learn that's there isn't really anything you can hide from me?" I sighed, observing my distraught student. "How bad has she gotten?"

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