A Few Answers Seen. Part 57

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31st December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

The rest of the day was filled with either feeding the children or feeding us as we whiled away the time until after dinner when we could view the film that John had came back with after finding it in George's old camera box and taking it to town and getting it developed.

So it was with much anticipation from nearly all of us that we finally got to see what was on it. After we had all the little one's settled down and off to bed that is. 

Reid and I were sitting on a couple of camp chairs beside each other as the film started.

There was the sound of cackling as the film slid through the 'camera' with both bright white as the screen or sepia yellow. Then there was an odd image which Joy helped to explain when Donna didn't. 

" That's George." Donna said when the image of a young man came into focus.

" That's at the house in Armidale." Jullianne then called out when we could see that it was another film of Bobby and Maggie with George and Violet.

It looked like it was taken a few months before the twins were born where the four of them were enjoying a picnic lunch in the garden. Sort of. It didn't last for very long. But we all saw that Maggie was hugely pregnant the few times the camera panned to her. 

Then it went black for a moment with a few seconds of bright white film before there was another seen.

This time, it was Violet in an unfamiliar house that we couldn't recognise. At least most of us couldn't.

" That's Uncle George's house in Valencia. Oh my it looks so nice and new." Jenny then surprised us by saying. 

It looked like it was a very nice stately looking home. A two story place with an attic loft by the looks of it and there was Violet standing in the front of it with what looks like garden shears in her hands as she was trimming the roses along the front fence.

She looks at George and smiles saying something to him. But since she is so far away at the moment, we can't quite understand what her lips are saying. And a moment later, George steps up closer to her and when Violet turns to look at him, we guess he must have said something to her.

She responds by smiling at him and stepping away from the roses and taking off her gardening gloves, she puts them in the pocket of her apron along with the shears and steps up to George and we think she kissed him because the camera dipped a little away from them and shook for just a moment before it swung back up and we then could see George following Violet back up to the house.. with the camera focused on the sway of his hips. 

" Oh my. That never changed." Donna quickly piped up to say when we laughed at the aim of the camera which was focused on Violet's butt.

There were a few brief bits of footage that was similar to that bit of film. Then we saw one bit where we could see a very obviously pregnant looking Violet. Something none of us have ever seen before. She was sitting there on the front porch reading through a letter she got which was making her excited.

There were a couple of photo's which she held up to show George who was filming again. He came in close with the camera and looked at the photo's which were of Bobby and Maggie and the twins who looked to be only a few months old. That meant that she was very much pregnant when she came back over here and helped deliver Jarrod the time when Maggie went in to labor with them. 

" I don't remember those photo's being seen anywhere when we went through the house cleaning it out that time when we were in America. I wonder where they are?" Jenny said to Daniel who was also looking on with an eager look at the film.

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