Chapter 1

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A/N hey guys, i have already began a naturo fanfic, but i have no idea as to where im going with it now, so... i decided to make this one. I think i know what will happen throughout and everything so.. yeh, hope you like it?... XD

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Chapter 1


I remember the day as if it was only yesterday, the day where the only person that had ever truly cared about me had been taken away.

It was a day when the sun was hidden behind the darkened clouds. The animals were quieter than usual, normally the birds would be singing and chirping to their new-born children.. but, that day? it was really peculiar. I had, had a bad feeling, but i just ignored it.

I walked along the streets that lead up towards the markets. I was only ever allowed to go out once in a while. When I was allowed i would walk through the market towards my wuiet place.

When i aproached the market, there was noone around. Something was off, the air smelt weird.. it smelt like blood.

Without thinking, i ran off to find out where there villagers were. I hadn't ever perticularly liked them, but i'd been with them for 5 years and wasn't about to let it end.

Approaching the edge of the market i found something terrifying.

Blooded bodies were everywhere, some of them were missing their arms and legs, whilst other had no longer their heads.

It was a horrid sight for someone of such a young age to see.

I ran past the bodies, making sure to not step on anything. But, that was kind of difficult to do when the ground was covered in the red liquid and bodies.
I gagged slightly at the smell of dead fleash and rotten bodies. It was as if they had been dead for a while already.

As i got to the edge of the village, I noticed some people at the gates. They wore black cloaks with hoods. The hoods hid their faces, but I could tell that they were wearing cloths around they mouth and nose.

"STOP! LET.ME.GO!" A scream had brought me out from my thoughts, it was not just any scream at that. It was a voice all to familiar. My sister.. mika!

Looking from around the corner of the house that i was currently hiding behind, I saw Mika down on her knees, one of the people gripped her hair and was dragging her along. I noticed all of the cuts and bruses along her body.

Gulping i ran from my hiding spot at an unseable speed, towards the person who was hurting my sister and pushed him away. I landed on the ground a few meters infront of mika, the bad person crashed into a tree just beside our village gate.

"S-suki? Y-you shouldnt be here.. RUN! LEAVE NOW!" I turned my head to look over my shoulder. Maki looked worse up close. I was angry at what they had done.

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