Chapter One

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Augusta Longbottom had placed her wand down and she wasn't sure if she had left it in the kitchen or in her bedroom

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Augusta Longbottom had placed her wand down and she wasn't sure if she had left it in the kitchen or in her bedroom. She refused to believe that her old age was catching up with her, so the woman refused to call on her grandson for help. She was just going to have to check both areas. Of course, she checked her bedroom first only to find that it wasn't there, which meant it was in the kitchen. It was just her luck that her grandson, Neville, was in the kitchen as well. Now that she was thinking about it, he had been in the kitchen quite a bit. She wasn't sure what he was up to since breakfast had been over for quite some time.

She reached the doorway that led to the kitchen and saw the teen boy still sitting at the table, reading over several papers that were in his hands. He had a smile on his face and the woman automatically knew what he was reading. Over the summer, Kefira Walsh had been sending him numerous letters as she had been in South Africa with her uncle or something along those lines. The two had been sending letters back and forth that Augusta was sure that the owls were going to start putting up a protest with traveling such distances. 

However, each letter brought a smile to the boy's face and he was always enthusiastic about writing one back, Augusta didn't want to say anything to ruin that. It was good to see the boy with a smile on his face that morning, especially considering where they were headed in a few. It was never easy visiting Alice and Frank at the permanent ward, but it was something Augusta insisted on when Neville was younger. Mainly because there was hope in the back of the woman's head that the two would recognize their son eventually.

Neville seemed to enjoy his time around his parents when he was younger. He didn't really understand what was "wrong" with them. Despite them not recognizing who he was, Alice and Frank were always kind to the boy in their own special way. Frank, had a thing with textures, which normally involved him touching Neville's hair or playing with the threads of his jumpers. Alice offered plenty of little wrappers that she would bring over to her son as if they were high valuables. And in a sense, they were.

No, the wrappers couldn't be sold as anything, but they were one of the most precious things that Neville kept with him. Every day, he carried at least one of the wrappers in his pockets, it was like having his mother with him. 

"Reading over those letters again?" Augusta questioned Neville as she walked into the kitchen and casually grabbed her wand off the table. "You act like they're going to change every time you read them."

"I know they haven't changed," Neville said placing the letters down on the table carefully. "I just like reading over her adventures in South Africa, it sounded like she had a good time while she was there. I'm sure she misses it a bunch since she's home now."

"I would like to think she is happy to be home with her family too," Augusta said.

"Well, of course, she is," Neville told her. "But you know that Kefira likes to remain active and I'm sure that there is a lot more for her to experience and do in South Africa."

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