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"Kuro it's snowing!" You grin brightly, tearing your gaze away from the window for a moment to look at the vampire sprawled out on the couch.

His only response was a muffled hum, burying his face further into the pillow.

"Kuro!" You whined, crawling over to him to unsuccessfully try to rouse him from the couch. "Lets go out and play in the snow!"

"No.." he said bluntly, turning his head to look at you with blank red eyes.

You pout, crossing your arms. "Please?"


"It will be fun!"


"Come on!"

"Too cold.."

You finally slump back, giving up on trying to convince the lazy vampire to join you outside. "Fine then" you huff, standing up and walking off.

You quickly bundle up in several coats and scarves, about to open the door when you heard footsteps.

You turn to see Kuro slinking over to you. "You decided to join me?!" You gasp, truly surprised.

He shrugged, "I didn't want to be alone" he mumbled

You blush lightly before grinning, taking his hand and pulling him outside.

The two of you stood in the snow for a long moment.

"It's cold..." you mumbled.

"Yea.." Kuro agreed.

"Want to go back inside?"

He nodded.

The rest of your day was spent cuddled up together on the couch and watching movies.

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