Hi there!

So this is my new story. Yes, I'm VERY aware that they meet in a bar, just like in the Perfect Summer (my other story for those of you that don't know what that is) BUT the storyline is different and hey, lots of people meet in bars, right?? LOL.  Hope you enjoy it.

Please let me know what you think!! I MIGHT enter this into the watty awards for this year once it opens, so if you like it, then maybe vote for it as you go along - but only if you like it! <3 

Pics on the side are of Kayleigh and Cale. :) 

Oh, one last thing - the story is set in the UK this time, there will be english words and english spelling, if at any point I write something and you don't know what it is then shout at me, OK?? :D


                                       "Tempted fate will leave the loftiest star."   -  Lord Byron

                                                                   Tangled Fates


                                                                       Chapter 1


"Blah, blah, blah, blah." I knew that wasn't what he was actually saying, but that was all that I could hear, his words just refused to register in my brain as he droned on and on.

I took another gulp of my drink and looked at Erin, my best friend in the world. She glared back at me and flicked her eyes over my shoulder, signalling that she wanted to leave the same as I did. I smiled at the guy who was standing there talking about a load of crap; did he honestly think this was going well for him? He had been standing with us, flirting his arse off with ridiculous slutty chat up lines for the last ten minutes, and all Erin and I wanted to do, was get away so we could carry on enjoying our night.

“So, how about we head off and go to my friend’s house? He’s having a party and the drinks are free instead of five quid for a glass,” he slurred, frowning at his glass in his hand.

“Err….. that’s not really going to work out. We, err…….” I trailed off, looking at Erin for her to jump in and make up an excuse or something so we could get the heck away from this drunken guy. She shrugged and looked at me with wide eyes signalling she had nothing. Flicking my eyes over his shoulder, I spotted a group of guys all standing around, drinking and laughing at the other end of the bar. Oh God, this could work! “Oh! My boyfriend just came in,” I lied, nodding at the group of guys.

The guy, who had earlier introduced himself as Stuart, looked in the direction I was nodding in, and frowned. “You have a boyfriend?” he asked, looking a little annoyed.

I nodded and gripped Erin’s hand, squeezing slightly. “Yeah. We’d better go say hi. They’re probably wondering where we are. It was nice to meet you,” I lied, shrugging as I pulled Erin away quickly.  She was giggling at my side, clinging to me drunkenly. I looked over my shoulder at him, only to see that he was still watching us walk away. Oh great, well that’s just great, now he’s going to know that I lied about being with that guy! I groaned quietly. “Erin, he’s still watching so we’re going to have to go up to those guys!” I moaned, feeling slightly sick. I hated to approach guys but I didn’t want to talk to Stuart anymore, he was so damn boring and flirty and I just wasn’t interested.

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