A Not So Stellar Start

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Christy’s POV

The Summer seemed to fly by way too fast for my liking, and before I knew it I was an official college student.  I had taken every precaution I could think of to stay out of any of Scott’s classes.  The douche had been hassling me all Summer trying to get me to "forgive and forget."  Like that was gonna happen. 

It amazes me that he was the one who felt it wasn’t working, and “didn’t feel the same anymore," yet he wouldn’t leave me alone.  He claimed it was a mistake, that things were just getting too serious and he got scared but was ready now, and blah blah blah, excuse excuse excuse.  Enter yawn here.

Sure it hurt at first, but I was over it now.  I could do better, if I decided to do it again.  Honestly, I was sick of guys and their lying, cheating ways.  They were all the same, and it would take someone pretty incredible to change my mind.  And trust me, my stubbornness would put a donkey to shame.

Walking into my first class which was English Literature, I walked down the stairs to the first row and plopped down in a desk, placing my books in front of me. 

I sensed someone next to me and looked up to see Ryan standing there.  I couldn’t help the smile that lit my face.  Somehow I had managed to forget he was in this course with me, and I was ecstatic to have him there.

“Ryan! I missed you sooo much!!!” I wasn’t usually this over the top, but I was feeling a bit anxious and seeing a familiar face literally made my day.

“Relax there Red, you just saw me yesterday,” he replied giving me a wary look.  “What’s up with you anyways?  Where’s my Christy?  I want her back, this version is way too chipper for my liking.”

Scowling up at him I crossed my arms in front of me and pouted a bit. “Can’t I just be happy to see you?”

He gave me a cocky grin, “Who wouldn’t be happy to see me?  I mean look at this,” he gestured to his face and body while winking at me. 

Rolling my eyes I stood up and smacked him across the back of the head, while giving him a smirk of my own. “Take it down a notch there you conceited ass.”

He gave me a mock hurt look, while grabbing at his chest as though in pain making me giggle and roll my eyes.

Sitting back down, I pulled him along with me forcing him into the desk next to mine, and grabbed his hand to help calm my nerves a bit.  I couldn’t help be a bit nervous over a new milestone in my life.

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