Chapter 31

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Riley was parking under the Operations Monitoring Centre when his phone rang. "Hi Boss. I've just arrived. Are you back already?"

"No. We're still on the Peninsula, we diverted to Cerberus."

"The Navy training base?"

"Air Wing needed help back-tracking the chopper's flight path."

"But they've done it?"

"They have. It went straight out to Polzin's ship."

Of course. Polzin's ship had a helipad. They'd been so convinced Henri was coming to the house, they hadn't considered he'd have Kitty brought to the ship. He punched his steering wheel.

"Right. How long till the Navy intercepts?"

"I'm sorry, Riley, they can't. The ship's in international waters."

"But they tracked the chopper. We know they're on board– Hot Pursuit."

"Tracking's not enough for Hot Pursuit. An actual vessel needs to chase it across the border."

Riley dropped his head back and mouthed FUUUUCK at the roof of his car.

"What about the Blue Note?"

"It's not about time, Riley. It's about jurisdiction. Polzin's ship is registered in North Korea. They're not an Interpol Signatory."

Riley's vision blurred.

"Riley? You there?"

"W– what do we do, then?"

"There's nothing we can do. We have to hand this over to the diplomats now."

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