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There He lay upstairs in His room, a youth with His imaginative thought

So still He lay like a marble statue as He and His inner Demon fought

 He asked in His heart, 'Will this feeling of loneliness never come to an end'

The very thing I battle and have always battled my own personal demon, that fiend

As He lay struggling with Himself, He dreamed and wondered about Life, Love and Friendship,

This thought flirted through His mind, "Is there someone out there who shares my Kinship"

This sorrowful feeling of pain, lost and emptiness as deep and lightless as deep space

That at times He felt in His Heart, even in His  bloodstream he found there a  trace

He felt a feeling of contentment and warm light flicking in His Heart of Hearts

He looked l through HIs Window, locked eyes with Her, a feeling like being pierced with a dart

He heard the sweet melody of a song, and warmth like sitting near an evening hearth

He was at peace, and all he knew was it truly was indeed a miraculous feat

At last He felt contentment wash over him

And he settled into the most peaceful dream.

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