Chapter Two ~ Raccoon Eyes.

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Chapter Two ~ Raccoon eyes.

Ava chance.

After Nurse Stephan's left, Cooper abandoned me, practice was over, everybody was gone, and I had no ride.

That's how I ended up here, walking - no, wait - limping - Home.

While it's raining.

My ankle hurt, my bags heavy, my clothes and hair is drenched, and I'm pretty sure I stink of sweat.

Life's great.

A horn being honked jumped me out of my thoughts and right to a car, splashing me from head to toe. Quickly I tried escaping it but failed resulting in falling to my knee's into a puddle after the car splashed me.

Life's better than great, it's fantastic.

"Get in loser!" I turned my head to the opposite direction, only to see my best friend Grace, sitting in her silver Ford Escape, waiting for me to get in.

Grace had honey blonde hair, sparkling grey eyes, was average height, and had a personality that could light up a room; one of the reasons why she was my one and only best friend.

"How did you find me?" I asked while I climbed into the front seat.

"Figured you'd be somewhere, considering I was your ride." She started the car up again. "Um. Sorry about that."

"Yeah, just leaving me stranded like always." I rolled my eyes playfully.

"I thought Cooper would have given you a ride, sorry."

"Why did you think that?"

"'Cause, obviously he has a thing for you! Why else would he offer to take you to the nurse," She said as if it were obvious. "He's never done that for any girl, or guy."

"Cooper Kingsley does not have a thing for me."

"Grandma, I'm home!" I yelled throughout the house, throwing my bag on the floor after Grace dropped me off.

"In here!" My grandma called from the kitchen.

"What you making?" Strolling into the kitchen, where she had her back turned from me, making what I assumed cookies, from the distinct smell of chocolate in the oven. 

"Chocolate chip co-" Turning around, she exclaimed, "Good Heavens! Ava May Chance, why are you soaking wet in my kitchen!"

"It's raining." I shrugged as I failed trying to snatch a cookie.

"Go take a shower, you smell."

"Go take a shower you smell." I mimicked in a high pitched voice as she gave me a disapproving look. "Ugh, fine. But can I have some cookies after?"

"As long as you eat all your supper."

"Yes grandmother dear!" Attempting to run up the stairs with a sprain, to my small green bathroom, I started my shower.

Our house wasn't very big. Two stories, a little yellow cottage, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, complete with a living room and a kitchen, with a small dining room, and ta-da! Our cozy little cottage.

I don't like to call my house small, just cozy. Besides, it's just Grandma and I.

I washed my body with my vanilla body wash, and cleansed my face with my Proactive, as well as washing my hair after. Then I stepped out of the shower and got dressed, and quickly realized the mirror was fogged. Quickly wiping it with my towel, I found Raccoon Eyes.

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