Chapter Sixteen

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Next Day 8:45 A.M

I looked at myself in the mirror at my locker and made sure I was looking good, I was looking fleeky. Emone and August approached me, "Sis where you was at yesterday? We went by ya crib?" I scrunched my face up a bit, "For what? I told y'all I was sick." Emone hit my shoulder, "Cause we was worried about you dummy. I know you was with that nut ass crunch bar, you know I don't trust that nigga." Emone said as she opened up her locker as well, "And you know I already don't like his u'glass." August said.

I just rolled my eyes, "Man y'all trippin',"I said with I chuckle, "I'm cool man I told y'all I was sick. I was prolly sleep or something when y'all came by." "Mmhmm," Emone started, "Well we meeting Darnell after school so sis I need you to get in the right spirits. You and Amber, shit." She started laughing and I paused and turned towards her. "Us in the right spirits? Let's see if you can make it through the day without falling asleep and getting a detention." August and I started laughing and I slapped him a high five.

"That ain't even funny. But is Amber here? I ain't ride with her this morning, my aunt dropped me off." I shrugged my shoulders, "I ain't seen her. She prolly boo'd up somewhere she'll be here later." The first bell rang and I closed my locker and walked across the hall to talk to August who was now standing  at his locker. "Sooooo you was worried about me yesterday? How cute!" I said sarcastically and August chuckled, "Whatever man, I was just trynna look out for you. But you look cute today got your lil makeup on, I see you potna'."

I shook my head slowly, if only you knew what was up under this makeup, I thought to myself. "Thanks Auggie. Hey did you finish the song?" I asked as we started walking towards our first period class. "Yeah I did actually, why don't me you and the girls meet up in the music room after school to listen to it?" I disagreed, "That's not really a good idea. You saw how Amber acted the last time you showed them the track. I don't know what's wrong with that girl." I chuckled as August took hold of my wrist. I looked down at his hand.

"You want me to tell you the truth?" I furrowed my brow and nodded my head yes, "You got a jealous ass friend." We both started laughing and continued walking, "No, she's just protective of the group. She's always been that way." August's face went sour, "Naw ma, every time you say something she turning her lips up, or rolling her eyes. Yo friend something crazy man, I'm telling you that girl is jealous." I just chuckled as we made our way into the classroom. "Well I don't think she's jealous. But you can show me the song in advisory."

For my first two periods of the day, I deadass was ready to check. Even though I skipped school yesterday after all that bullshit with Mason, I was still mad tired from just overthinking the situation. I kissed my teeth when the bell rang signaling for us to go to our free period, because I had become so comfortable in my seat. "Man if you don't get your lazy ass up," I looked up to see August who was laughing at me. "What's funny August? What's funny?" I asked as I punched his shoulder. "Chill ma," He chuckled.

I stood up and adjusted my jacket, "Here I'll carry yo stuff since you so damn tired." He took my bookbag and we walked to our free period and sat at the same table as Emone. She had her head down and I hit my hand on the table, causing her to jump, "Don't do that. Almost got cut." I giggled, "Nigga if I can't sleep you can't either." August and I sat down, "Aight can I show you the track now since yo jealous ass friend ain't here?" I started laughing and shook my head, "She's not jealous yo."

"Sis Amb's jealous ashit. We still love her, but our girl's jealous." Emone and August started laughing. August pulled out his earbuds and his school issued laptop and pulled our track up on SoundCloud "Look Out For Me". After listening to the entire track I looked at August and smiled. He worked really hard on that track and it was a banger. To be so young, he was talented as hell. We were all talented, but I don't know... something about August was special. Maybe it was how much he wanted it, or how hard he was willing to work. But yeah, he's talented.

August smiled back, "What y'all think man?" I giggled, "On mommies yo, that was tough." Emone agreed, "Yeah Aug, we see you nigga! Don't be trynna steal our girl from us though, but y'all sound good as hell together." August chuckled, "I'm not trynna steal her from you 'Mone... yet." They both laughed as I rolled my eyes playfully. "Whatever, y'all play to much." I giggled as Amber walked into the classroom. "Good morning everybody," Amber chimed as she sat at our table, and low key the vibe instantly changed.

I spoke up, "What's up girl, where you been?" Amber grinned, "Oh I woke up late.  And where I been? Girl you the one who skipped an entire day of school yesterday." I rolled my eyes, "I was sick." I told them again. "Mmhmm, I bet you were." Amber started, "But what y'all doing this afternoon?" She asked. "We meeting with my cousin Darnell again. He said something about group management, but it's real important and you need to be there." Emone said and Amber immediately scrunched her face up, "Today? Girl I had... told my mother I could babysit today."

I shook my head and looked towards August who was trying not to laugh at us. I kicked him under the table and started a conversation of my own. "So it's on SoundCloud, what else do you plan on doing with that track?" I asked as I leaned in a little to be able to hear him over the rest of the talking going on. "Well... I don't know I wanted to see if I could get someone to spin my record. But I gotta be realistic." I furrowed my brow, "What do you mean? That is realistic. I think you should try. Hit up some connections through that producer friend of yours."

"Yeah I got connections, but don't nobody know my name." "I know your name," I told him and he just stared into my eyes for a few seconds. "It's worth a shot Auggie." I told him while rubbing the back of his hand.

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