Chapter 2

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so yay another upload. Anyway comment and vote please! One thing I do want to address to make it known so no one comes and tells me this story is unrealistic. I've never been on a cruise so most of this is what i get off the website and how i imagine it so yeah don't get made it 2/3 of this story is made up.


That morning I woke up with the horrible realization that hadn't dawned on me up until that moment that my cell phone wouldn't work after we pass a certain point. It would just be me and the tons of other people on the ship.

Which means no privacy. None whatsoever.

I groaned to myself. Why couldn't my mom just make the vacation for just her and dad? Why did it have to include me and my brothers? Natty, my youngest brother got out of it just fine. He got to stay at home with grandma while Jordan and I were forced to come along.

I wasn't aware of Ethan loaming over me like a ghost until he said something. "You okay?" To my discomfort he was shirtless. Leave it to Ethan to only wear a towel around his waist after getting out of the shower.

"Just dandy. Now go away so I can figure out a way out of this."

"No can do, Alexa. Get up before your dad comes to get you."

Knowing he was right, I got up out of bed. My dad would come barging in any moment and I'm sure I don't want him walking in on this. He'd want to know why Ethan's half naked and why I'm wearing his oversized shirt in bed.

So what did I do that fine morning? Well exactly what I do almost every morning.

I showered.

Brushed my teeth.

Changed clothes.

Brushed my hair.

Put it up in a pony tail.

Changed again because the outfit didn't look quite right.

Took the hair tie out of my hair and left it loose.

Put lotion on.

Put Sunscreen lotion on my arms and cheeks so getting tan wouldn't be a problem.

Admire myself in the mirror.

Yeah, the last one sounds a little conceded but I had that particular look that can only be accomplished when you're not trying.

"Alexa, seriously? You're such a girl. Get out of the bathroom already. I can assure you that you look beautiful in whatever you're wearing."

I took one last look in the mirror before opening the door. He glanced at me and gave me a thumb up. "See told you. You look perfectly fine."

The smiley, giddy, carefree moment was ruined my dumb brother, Jordan. "Duck Face! You ready to go?"

"I told you not to call me that!" I yelled loud enough for him to hear. Ethan opened the door to our room and let my dumb brother in.

"Man, what the hell?" Jordan stared at the beds for a long while before saying anything. "Why does your room look more comfortable than mine? That's not fair."

"Look I don't know but, did you leave Adrian alone in your room?"

"Nah, what kind of brother do you think I am? He's with mom."

"And what exactly is the evil witch doing?"

"She's talking to Natty on the phone. Grandma said he woke up crying."

Sadly, for me once my mom gave birth to my little brother that left me surrounding by boys. No matter how much I wished for a sister my wish wasn't granted. We were graced with a cute little bundle of joy who loves waking everyone up in the middle of the night with his horrible crying. I think that's one of the main reason's mom didn't bring him along. She wanted a vacation away from him, from the crying, the diapers, and the responsibility. My grandma was all too happy to take him in for the week and that was that. Now I wish Natty did come just so he could make mom's life worse for forcing us all to go on her stupid getaway vacation.