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I spent a lot of time re-painting canvases because they failed to satisfy me. Little did I know, that art is never truly complete. No form of art is ever fully formed, and that is okay.
I wasn't educated on the fact that perfection isn't necessary in art.

As quoted from one of Leonardo DaVinci's writings:
'Art is never finished, only abandoned.' 
And I believe that to be true. Although, the quantity of truth in the statement does not define its importance.
You see, even if what your mind and heart has created doesn't meet your standards, it will meet somebody else's. Therefore, what does it matter if art is incomplete, so long as it is appreciated?

You can't be 'bad' at art. Nor can you be 'better' in an artistic field than anybody else; your work can only be more widely appreciated.

Nobody is artistically untalented,
Only artistically undiscovered.

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