Any New Leads? Part 56

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30th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I felt a little lost without Brian and Jess being around to constantly boss me into doing what they thought I needed doing each day when I wasn't down in Boise at the centre.

Plus I also felt a little sad that The Kingsley's had gone home too. But I was so glad that they came with us to be a special part of this years celebration with this family. Especially with being an important part where The Judge officiated over mine and Reids wedding ceremony.

It was a bigger surprise to find out that Barb and Jaxon also tied the knot at the same time even though they had only known each other a few days. Every now and again, I would smile at Barb knowing that we both shared something more special than a friendship.

We're family now, just like Jack and Jen are as well. 

It was still a little unnerving getting used to the name Joifield since Reid changed his name from Nolan to that name. He's the first male Joifield in decades to carry the name, not counting the twins he adopted as his with his Maggie. Jarrod had grown up with a different name entirely after being kidnapped and Bobbie's name was changed to Stevenson since Roland Stevenson was his biological father anyway.

But after Bobby's death, the Joifield name ceased to exist since his last child was a girl, Joy.

So Reid was very special for everyone at the moment. 

Anyway. At the moment we are watching, that is Barb and myself, as the rest of the family pull out another couple of trunks to go through them. Both of which held more clothing along with some antique lace that looked very much like being handmade. There was also some embroidered place mats and embroidered doilies.

All the older ones were marveling at how beautiful the stitching was and wondered who made them. It was finding some hand written notes with instructions and directions on them which helped them find out that it was 'Aunt Ida' who did the sewing. Which was something that most ladies did in those days not just for necessity but also as a past time.  

Since Joy was the next Joifield in line after Bobby, everything that was both her fathers and his aunts rightfully went to her and her family. Barb and I just sat there and watched them all as Joy went and inspected each piece with Jullianne that they uncovered.

A couple of the other trunks which were very heavy, but much smaller, were intriguing for everyone until they were opened. They held what looked like a collection of books. Old books. First editions of all the classics that had been published not just last century, but later in the one before that it. So these books were very old.

Barb's interest had really sparked up with interest when the trunks were opened and someone pulled out the first book and she got up to have a closer look, giving everyone a word or two about how to handle them when more books had begun to be pulled out of the trunks. 

They all knew that she had previously worked in a publishing firm, so they accepted the prompts and directions she gave them so that the books would all be looked after very carefully and handled the right way and at one point, she actually shocked them after she herself handled a few of them.

" I hope your insurance is up to date." Barb went on to say to Joy and Donna with what looked like a serious look that she gave them both.

" Because I know for a fact that the two books you have in your hand there Joy, are museum worthy and would probably pay for another farm like this one." She said to them which stunned them a little before John hesitantly asked her a little bit more information about the collection. 

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