Chapter 29 - Donovan

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Third Person's POV

'Donovan? What are you doing here?' Calum said, his heart beating loudly and he feels like it will leap out of his chest.

'I-I asked you to come here and you did! I'm so thankful!' Donovan said and hugged Calum tight, Calum's hands setting on his chest, too surprised and caught up to pushed Donovan away.

'I-I asked you to come here and you did! I'm so thankful!' Donovan said and hugged Calum tight, Calum's hands setting on his chest, too surprised and caught up to pushed Donovan away

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'I was the one who writes you letters and gives you flowers everyday.' Donovan said.

'O-Obviously.' Calum said, still a little bit shock.

Donovan chuckled before kissing Calum's temple making calum pull away from the tight hug. 'What are you doing? Why are you giving me those letters and flowers saying that you missed me and everything.' Calum said.

'Because I do, uh, did you keep them or did you just throw them away? I-I remember that you always keep things from everyone.' Donovan said, scratching the back of his neck.

'I-I kept them..' Calum said grabbing his bag and opening the small container, showing Donovan the notes. 'About these, why do you gave me these? I-I mean, these letters are very sweet I thought they were from the guy that asked for my number.' Calum said, not looking up at Donovan.

'I meant them calum, everything that is written in that letter and I want to explain everything to you.' Donovan said and Calum furrowed his eyebrows. 'Do you wanna talk here or inside the car? If you don't find it comfortable to talk inside the car then let's just talk here.' Donovan said and Calum said they should talk inside the car cause he doesn't want to stand, but when he got inside the car, he still doesn't know why he's getting in a car with his ex.

Calum saw a bouquet of flowers in front and Donovan reached out, grabbing it and giving it to Calum. 'They're your favorite right? White and pink roses.' Donovan said and Calum nodded.

After a minute of silence cause no one has the courage to speak up, Donovan broke it.

'I-I'll get straight to the p-point Cal. I don't want you to over think this or feel pressured or anything, if you don't want to then just say it straight away. I-I want you to give me a second chance. I was a fool and a pussy for breaking up with you cause you're a-a wolf, but that is in the past now Calum. I can't live without you.' Donovan said.

'You can't live without me? You would have been dead right now.' Calum said and Donovan shook his head, grabbing Calum's head.

'I-I, you know what I mean calum, everyday, I didn't stop thinking of you. I missed you more and more each day and I finally bursted, I found out this your school and I gave you notes and flowers. I-I gave you my number but you didn't text me so I gave in to the urge and tell you to meet me here.' Donovan said.

'Things are too fast right now. One second, I was breaking up with my ex now, my other ex is asking for another chance. Look Donnie, give me time to think about it. I don't want to push myself into giving you another chance but I will tell you right away when I build up my mind. And if I did give you a chance, your parents would know and they will do anything to separate us.' Calum said and Donovan squeezed Calum's hands.

'My parents already agreed to any relationship that I will be in. I already thought of everything before asking you another chance Calum cause I don't want anything to separate us if we did become together again. Just please Calum, I will give you all the time in the world to think Calum.' Donovan said, taking Calum's hands and putting it on the side of his face, giving Calum a desperate look.

'I don't want to give false hopes Donnie, please don't expect too much from me, I don't like it when I hurt people, you know that.' Calum said and glide his thumb on Donovan's face.

'I know better than to do that Calum. A-Are you about to come home? I can give you a ride.' Donovan said and Cal nodded.

'Do you wanna sit here in the back or in the front? Where do you find it comfortable?' Donovan asked. 'I'll stay here, I'm too tired to go outside. And go back in here again.' Calum said, smiling at Donovan who gave him back the happy gesture.

In the middle of comfortable silence, a small incident happened on the road that's why a traffic broke in. Calum put his hands on the inside of his sweater paws. 'Are you cold?' Donovan asked and Calum nodded. Calum watched as Donovan take off his leather jacket. 'You know, you can sit here in front. The side ac is not working and what's making you cold is the middle on.' Donovan said and calum nodded before going into the front with ease because he's small and he just need to hunch a little.

Donovan draped the jacket on Calum's back, calum instantly pulling it closer to his body. 'The traffic won't last long now, we're kinda close to your house now. Your roommate always receives the flowers right? What did he say about it?' Donovan said looking at Calum.

'At first he was surprised to see the flowers but he got used to it. He didn't say anything about it though, considering he's my ex an-'

'He's your ex?'

'He's my ex.'


Once the car pulled over the front of Calum's shared flat, Donovan quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Calum who struggled to carry the huge ass bouquet of flowers and his bag.

'Thank you for driving me here. And I'll definitely think about what we talked about. Keep giving me notes, I like them. But the flowers, flowers are expensive so you can just, stop sending them. I didn't mean to sound rude, I just, don't want you spending money on me. And don't give the girl $10 anymore, just give them to me. I got at school at 7.' Calum said smiling at Donovan who smiled back.

'I guess this is goodnight then. I-I'll see you tomorrow.' Donovan said.

'Goodnight. Be careful on your way home okay? Bye!' Calum said and was about to walk away when heard Donovan calls.

'Uhm, can I get your number? I wanna text you maybe later tonight?' Donovan said and Calum unlocked his phone before giving it to Donovan who messaged himself to get Calum's number.

'Goodnight.' They both said to each other before Calum gets inside the house.

Luke is making frozen things as usual. This time, he's microwaving frozen bake mac.

'Hey cal! I- oh nice jacket!' Luke says and Calum looked at the jacket of Donovan. 'Shit.' Calum said and ran outside, running after Donovan's car who is driving off. 'Donovan! Hey! Donovan! Donnie!' Calum yelled but Donovan can't hear it cause the radio is too loud.

Calum shook his head before getting back inside the kitchen where a very confused Luke is, who he caught looking at the flowers he brought.

'Donovan? Did you just call Donovan? Your ex?'


Luke bilyk is Donovan.

~ Anne.

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