11 | Jaydin Grey

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'Are you fucking kidding me', I curse under my breath and before he sees me I run out of the classroom and go straight outside near the bushes where no one can see me.

I hyperventilate. Why the HELL is my drug dealer at my school! Is he the new teacher? And if he ever lays a hand on me I will literally kill him.

Jack Windsor.

One of the biggest drug dealers in town. You'd think he has way better things to do then obsess over me but he is a psycho. One time I saw him slip something else in the drugs and gave the bag to Val but I knew better.

He is around 40 years old and he is so creepy despite having a lot of money. The last time I went there to get stuff, I never went back. He's alright when with Ari and Valerie but when I'm there, he is crazy psycho and gross as hell. I would probably have to find a way to get him fired. One time I saw him stalking my mum behind Coles.

'Please don't be true', I mumble and look back.

He looks so innocent writing on the white board, yet the type to go inside your house and take photos while you are sleeping.

Pacing around the place, I run my hands through my hair, stressed as hell. What if he does something? I look for my bag but I forgot that I left it with my friends before I went to see Miss Allison.

'Fuck', I say not knowing what to do and wipe the sweat off my neck.

What I really need is something to calm myself down so I run outside.

'Looking for this Lola', the same familiar calming voice says.

I look behind me and see a caramel colored haired guy with the most palest skin ever. His chiseled perfect jawline and hooded eyes. He is holding my bag.

'Hey aren't you that same guy', I say curious to why he has my bag. He nods his head. The same boy from the car crash and the party.

He is so beautiful.

'But your so shy and quiet, what are you doing here with that I thought you don't do that kind of stuff', I ask. To be honest I've seen him around school but I don't pay attention to quiet people.

He leans down and puts out the cigarette. It dosent smell like ordinary tobacco. It smells sweet and nice.

'You know Lo. You could do so much in this world. You could book a plane ticket this instant and be in another place doing whatever you want, but why do we still stay here. Living the same usual life and endless depressing routines. People could be so much. But oh trust me. We are doing a hell load'.

'It's just like Space, endless', he states and hops off the ledge.

He has an unusual voice for someone like him. He is quiet and boring, dosent talk much in class, a kind and a innocent guy from what I know.

'What are you doing out here Lola anyways, you look frazzled much?', he smirks, eagerly waiting for me to answer. But he has a smug face on, Like somehow he knew the reason I'm here.The way he calls me Lola, is strangely different and nice to be honest. Which for starters is a good thing because I absolutely hate it when people call me Lola. There was this one time in year 7 a girl kept teasing me and calling me Lola so I dumped water in her locker. It was the best thing ever.

'I could ask the same thing about you Jay', I snicker and sit down on a ledge.

'Jaydin, Grey', he says coldly. ' I left because the new English teacher is a dick and I proved him wrong. He went spastic. Have you met him?', he snickers.

'Oh nah, I was with Miss Allison, I felt a bit sick haha a hangover so I needed fresh air', I lie.

He raises his eyebrow at me.

'Well then Lola Cortella, I wonder what we have in here', he curiously says and opens up my bag. 'Hmmm. The ordinary school books, pens, ooh what's this a bag of pot, a bottle of laxatives and a lighter. Why do you need Laxatives', he says and throws me back my bag pack.

No I'm perfectly healthy.

'You'll see', I laugh. I have a little trick up my sleeve. I'm going to put these in Sarah's drink because she told on me the last time for putting the drugs in my locker even though I swear it wasn't mine. She is going to literally be in deep shit.

He puts the stuff back in my bag and throws it to me.

I take off the Adidas jacket and hand it to him.

'I, I think it's yours', I say guiltily. 'Do you want it back, sorry.

'I think the jacket likes you', he winks and walks off.

And with that, I am standing there on the ledge speechless by how mesmerizing and weird a person could be.

Spencer wraps his hands on my shoulders and kisses my collarbone.

'Hey cutie'.

I brush him off.

'What's wrong?' He mutters.

Everything. My drug dealer is my English teacher, I can't stop thinking about Jaydin, my birthday is soon, I have a headache and have a party to plan out and set up and I'm failing science.

'Oh just a headache', I lie.

'Lo trust me it's a pure coincidence', Val interrupts and sits down.

No way.

'Besides English isn't important right'.

It's my favorite subject.

'Lets just prank Sarah and get it over with', I change the conversation and walk out of the table leaving Spencer and the boys alone.

I walk down toward the usual place where Sarah sits. She isn't wearing tights today which is going to be extra good.

'Hey Sarah I'm going to the toilet', her best friend Tamara says and leaves as soon as I get there.

'So Sarah, I heard you do crack', Ari laughs and distracts her.

I quickly unscrew her water bottle that's in her bag behind her and dump half the bottle of laxatives in it.

I give Ari and Valerie a heads up to let them know that I'm all good.

'Hey Sarah. I hate snitches and liars', I smile as she looks confused.

And so I leave her to deal with it, straight after the bell rings for math.

Sarah brings her drink bottle in the class for math. Me, Ari and Val all giggle at the back waiting for her to drink it. Soon it's only been 15 minutes and she's already drunk half the bottle.

Then I smell it.

We all did.

'Would someone like to come out to write the equation', Miss Lock says.

'Sarah would, she is soooo smart and amazing at math', Ari laughs.


Sarah looks so pleased as she stands up to the board.

That's when hell breaks loose.

'Having a shitty day Sarah', I call out and the whole class laughs.

'Oh my god what the hell!', she screams and holds her skirt.

'How the. What just -even Oh, oh my god', Sarah yells. She screams and runs out of the classroom.

'Wow', miss Lock says.

'Lets finish the equation shall we?'.

Everyone goes back to their work straight after and the noise dies down. I can feel a weird feeling like I'm being watched. I look out of the window and from the other side of the building I see Jaydin sitting on the ledge just staring at me.

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