Bounty Hunter

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(A/N: PLEASE READ the part at the bottom, it is VERY important to understanding the story)

| Post Forth Great Shinobi World War - AU in which Obito is the soul antagonist |


"The coward who ran from a war met the tyrant who started the next."


[I do not own Naruto Shippuden - All rights, characters and plots belong to Kishimoto.]


Hey guys! There are just a few things I want you all to know before you start reading:

1. Yes, Madara does exist in the story.

2. Yes, he saved Obito from under the boulder and healed him.

3. NO, the Eye of the Moon plan does not exist in this AU.

4. NO, Obito never revives Madara because there was never a plan to do so.

5. Yes, Madara died after he saved Obito, just like canon.

6. Madara gives up on his quest for peace. So does Obito.

7. Obito is never controlled by Madara, EVERYTHING he does is HIS OWN FREE will.

8. Obito never gets his hands on the Nine-Tails, the Ten-Tails is NEVER revived.

9. Obito never becomes a Jinchuuriki.

10. Obito does not die.

I just wanted to make sure its clear so you guys don't get confused. (If you do understand, you may skip)

Obito never knows about the Eye of the Moon plan, he does, however, know about the Ten-Tails resurrection plan. He has the same plan similar to Nagato's.

He planed to use the Ten-tails to DESTROY the world, NOT RULE.

In this AU, Obito is a hate-driven person who simply wants the world to end.

And before you get all upset about his character being so different, it isn't really, he just changed. We all saw Obito basically go insane, driven be hate and revenge he killed all those Kiri shinobi who had killed Rin.

The only reason he managed to keep his sanity was the Eye of the Moon plan, more specifically the idea that he will be able to revive Rin, aka justifying his actions for "peace."

But in this version, that isn't the case. There's no Eye of the Moon plan, so when Obito returns to the hideout, Madara has no big speech to give him that will make him regain hope. So - still angered and despaired over Rin's death - Obito vows vengeance against the world and the shinobi system, which led to her death.

This makes him a much darker character, so when Naruto confronts him in the war with his big speech, it doesn't work. In canon, Naruto reached out to the small glimmer of hope inside Obito, which came from the idea of saving Rin.

But without the Eye of the Moon plan, that hope does not exist, so Naruto's words have no affect.

That was long, sorry, got a bit out of hand. Just wanted you all to understand properly before you begun reading.

Anyway, enjoy!



Bounty Hunter is apart of a shared universe (others books in said universe being 'Till The End' and 'Odyssey'). This universe acts differently to the Naruto CANON timeline and events, characters and entire plot lines have either been killed, not killed, changed or not changed.

They can be read in any order as stand alone or as a series. Just a fair warning leads from all three appear books in all three books.

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