십칠 17

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Heejung's POV

I walked to the cafetaria as I was hungry again because of my morning routine. Done filling the food tray, I went to the seat near the window. Eating while watching students walking here and there was my favorite. 

I took a sip of my soup and before started to dig in. Lonely was what I felt after hungry. Every one bite, I would exhaled heavily and looked outside. 

"Why am I here anyway..." I mumbled. 

Suddenly I heard a squeals. I was thinking if Chanyeol came back because the squeals were the same as before. I decided to ignore and continued digging my food, and unfortunately I was almost done. Someone knocked my table and I swallowed the last bite. I looked up and was served by an eye smile. 

"Noona! Nice to meet you here" Eunwoo, my new neighbour, was the reason of the squealing. I could see a group of girls with their eyes was glued at him, although from the back. 

"Oh, hi. Are you gonna eat?" I asked. He shook his head while pouting. 

"I was waiting my friend but he turned out to be sick. He promised me to take a walk around the university as I am still new" He eyed me, smiling. I knew what was behind the smile. 

"Oh haha, I can.." I paused, eyeing all the girls back there. 

He seemed to notice my action as he looked back, waving at the girls and asked them to go as he wanted some privacy. The girls nodded quietly and somehow upset before shot a deathly glare at me. 

"So?" He said. 

"Let's talk outside" I stated as I took my food tray to put at its place. Eunwoo trailed me like a lost dog. Outside the cafetaria, he ran in front of me and stopped. 

"Noona!" He called. I gave a look at him, questionably. 

"Uh, where's the library at? I am new here" He spoke. I grinned at his cute way of talking. 

"Well, I will lead you to the library plus introduce you to our wide university. As that's what you want from just now" I replied. He shyly smiled and scratched his nape. 

"You sensed it, didn't you?" He said. 

"So, let's go?" 


During the walk, I found out that he was fun. With his joke, we successfully strolled aroung the university and got closer to each other. Without us realizing, we hit the afternoon and it was lunch time as my stomach growled. 

"Seems like noona is a great eater?" He noticed. I let out an awkward laugh. 

"Because noona has accompany, I will pay for the lunch. Let's eat outside" He suggested. My eyes sparkled as I heard that he would pay. Free lunch, why not!

"Can I choose where?" I asked. He nodded. 

And here we were. Inside the noodle restaurant that I had craving since last month. 

"Thank you" I said as the ajhumma delivered two bowl of naengmyeon. 

"I thought noon would ask something expensive, but.."

"Why? You don't like it? Next time I will choose steak then" 

"No. Most of friends usually choose sushi or something else expansive because they knew that my father is the president of LE Company" 

I choke my drink. LE Company? Top 1 IT company in South Korea? 

"L--LE?" I asked. He nodded and then smiled. 

"Well, now noona know. Ah, I will prepare much money next time" He said and took the chopsticks. 

"Yah, then what major did you took?" I asked. 

"Business" He replied. 

"Why?" I asked. 

He sighed, "I'll tell you after we finish."

I looked a down at my noodle, the soup was almost gone. 

"Oh holy gudetama!" I shook and quickly mixed it up before eating. 

After he paid for the non-expensive lunch, we got out and was welcomed by rain. We looked at each other before I looked up to the dark sky.

"It was so bright just now.." I mumbled.

He started to busy himself — which his took of his jacket — and swung it up to cover our head.

"Let's back to the minimarket across and buy an umbrella" He suggested. I nodded and lifted up my arms, helping him covering our head.

Honestly it was so romantic that unfortunately he wasn't Chanyeol —  I kinda felt so sorry for him. We ended up buying one umbrella because I had a bunch of umbrella at home and he didn't have one.

"Then what will you do if it suddenly rains when you walk?" I asked, feely uneasy actually that he was holding the umbrella. Usually I hold my mom's hand and help her to carry it.

"I buy umbrella at the minimarket and lost it at school. I often forget to take. Half of my school's umbrella, probably is mine" He replied.

"So, you invested umbrella for your school" I teased.

"Well, it sounds correct" He scratched his ear before chuckled.

There was silence for seconds that I looked away to the street. Looking at the running people who didn't take umbrella and an unfamiliar car appeared. My eyes widened and quickly looked back at Eunwoo.

"Yah!" he responded with looking at me.

I saw an alley and quickly grabbed his wrist, pulling him with me. I didn't care if the rain damped me but I didn't want Chanyeol to dump me.

"Noona! You will get soaked!" I ignored his saying and walked until we got out from the alley, away from the street.

"That was close!" I sighed out heavily.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Personal issues. Let's get back. Do you have classes? Afternoon class?" I asked. I immediately stopped the taxi passed by as he shook his head.

"Let's go home, then" I said before entering the taxi.

The rain got heavier when we reached our apartment building. I was opening my wallet to take out some money but Eunwoo quickly paid in the speed of light. I was about to say thanks but he was gone.

The door beside me suddenly opened by him who was holding the umbrella. He offered me a hand that I accepted it without hesitation. I needed coffee because of the rain.

We ran to the building and took the elevator. As we were inside the elevator, I swept out my clothes that I seen a droplets. Eunwoo did it too but stopped as he fixed my hair. His height was ideal that he could barely had his chin on my head.

The elevator door was opened — where I realized 3 seconds later — and I quickly ran away but bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Chanyeol, who was not budged but standing straight like a statue with his eyes fixed to front, to Eunwoo.

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