❖Chapter Five❖

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Five


                                                               ※(*)※Gabriel's POV※(*)※


      "What happened to your face?" I asked Evan the next day. He glanced at me for less than a second before returning his attention to his locker. When he finished exchanging books, he turned away. He was still mad at me. "Um, so, how's your n-nose?" I asked in a more casual tone, trying to break the ice between us. I didn't want him mad at me. It was bad enough everyone at the school thought of me as a freak since I didn't act the same way they did. The idea of Evan hating me because I wouldn't tell him why . . . it was rather unbearable.

       He muttered a 'fine' then slammed his locker shut. I watched as he sauntered across the hall to rejoin his friends, Donovan and Axel. Donovan and Axel were laughing at Evan's bruises, playfully poking them and whatnot. I saw Evan wince in the slightest bit, like his body was still sore or something.

       I turned away, then focused on how I was going to get myself through the day.

      "Are you still mad at me?" I asked in a quiet tone during study hall. Evan was by the front office, looking at the school news on the bulletin board. He didn't even glance at me.

       Two whole weeks have passed. The first week, Evan simply gave me a shrug or nod, sometimes even a shake of his head. Maybe an occasional word or two, but then he'd go. But on the second week, it was like all contact had been disconnected from us. He'd never look at me. He'd never talk to me. He acted like I didn't exist. And when he started ignoring me, so did the rest of the school. Except Jurnee. She still called me 'Little Boy Freak', a parody of 'Little Bo Peep'. Because she's just so clever.


      "Babe," he said turning around. I felt my eyes widen in shock. I was about to say something until I was brushed out of the way from behind. I froze up.

      "Smoochie Bear!" said a perky voice, running into Evan's arms. I watched in disbelief as Evan shared a long lip lock with some girl with long, dark brown hair, hugging her.

       When the two broke apart, I watched them walk down the hallway together, hand-in-hand. The girl was blabbing on about pointless stuff that Evan replied to with a simple laugh.

       I stood emotionlessly in the middle of the hallway. When study hall ended, I walked slowly down the hallway and towards the lunch room. After ordering my lunch (an apple and a bottle of water, I don't eat much), I went over to sit at my usual table. My stomach churned when I saw that it was currently occupied by Evan, the girl he had kissed, Jurnee, Donovan and Axel. I glanced over at the 'popular' table, the one they usually sat it, but felt my heart sink. A group of hall monitors were sitting at it.

       I surveyed the lunchroom for any other seat, but I found nothing. Everyone had a table, with their own little clique to share it with.

       But I didn't, because I was a little loser freak.

       I left the lunchroom and instead went to sit in the boys' washroom. I didn't feel like eating, but I forced myself to swallow a small bite of the apple and a few sips of water anyway. I didn't even get to the core of the apple before I tossed it, sick to my stomach. I felt empty and hollow inside.

       I wanted Evan to stop acting like I didn't exist. He had no idea about how much it hurt to have the feeling of being alone weigh down on your shoulders at all times. He had no idea how much I wanted to talk to him and spend time with him. He had seemed so much nicer than everyone else. I begged silently to any Higher Power out there that he wouldn't turn out to be like the others.

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