Chapter 5 | Just Lost Hold

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Percy POV

Listen: Waiting For The End by Linkin Park

I woke up and it was already dark. Pieces of sand was stuck in my face for laying there for too long. I felt the cold breeze on my skin. I heard faint laughter and cheers from where the Mess Hall was. Maybe they were having fun with Damien.

I smiled bitterly, I used to have so much fun with them.

I didn't know what went wrong. For the past 2 days, I was hoping that maybe just a little bit, I could change it back to the way it was. Then the bubble of hope broke.

I didn't know what to hold onto. Nico's an emotional wreck and I haven'th seen Annabeth for the past week. 3 of my bestfriends can't be trusted and the other 3 of them(Leo, Frank, and Grover) can't be seen. I don't even know what's real.

I stood up and walked to the water. I went down slowly until the water was at my neck. Then, I don't know what happened, I felt a familiar breeze. I looked around and saw that I wasn't at camp anymore, but Montauk. I saw my mother's cabin, so I went my way to shore.

I went inside the cabin. I sat there, looking at.....well anything. The cabin gave me familiarity that it brought me to tears. Everything just started crashing down, so sudden, that I just don't know what's real anymore, huh, I don't even know if this is real or i'm imagining it to get a sense of comfort. And if it is the latter well then this is totally working since I am close to believing my mom will also suddenly appear. But, fortunately and unfortunately, it was my dad who appeared.

He looked the same, Duh, they're gods. I looked at him and was taken aback by his expression. He wore a scowl and was glaring at me. His eyes held many emotions. Hatred(which I have seen many times for the past week), Dissapointment, Accusation, and......was that sadness?

"What have you done, child?"He growled. "You ruined iour brother's reputation. MY reputation."He said.

"I-I what?"I asked utterly confused.

"Oh don't play that card with me boy! You have tried to hurt your brother. You left your fellow campers to die. You cheated on your girlfriend, and you falsely accuse your friends? What do even have to say?"He looks at me in distaste."Redeeming your honor now is futile. Nothing will."

"Dad, I-I wasn't pla-"

I gasped when I felt his fist made contact with my face. I felt out the chair and onto the floor. I looked up in disbelief. I couldn't believe he hit me. I suddenly remembered all those times with Gabe, I shook the thoughts out.

However, despite the fact that I was trembling and crying, while holding my cheek, at the floor, his expression remained blank.

When he spoke, his voice was venomous. "Either way, I have no need for a good-for-nothing child. I'd rather keep Damien, who atleast was loyal enough to fight for camp and me."he said.

"I Poseidon, God of the seas, earthquakes and stormbringer, hereby disown Perseus Jackson for his disloyalty"

I gasped when a sudden chill flowed through my body. I felt the power of being his son flowed out.

"You are not my son anymore."He said, coldly. "You have no powers over water, even  healing with it. No more talking with horses, and certainly no more help sent out from me. You shall not expect anything from me."

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