Chapter 4 | In The End

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Percy POV

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I came to a halt because I couldn't breath. Tears were running down my face and I can't do anything to stop them. Everyone hated me now, and what hurt me most is that Annabeth does too. The one person I thought would stick up for me. But honestly, who would stick up for someone who abandoned them when they needed you the most, especially when you're the reason they were in that situation.

Maybe I deserved this. After all I am the reason why Bianca died,I could have died instead. The reason Beckendorf was blown up in the Princess Andromeda, I couldn't even save him. My fault Silena died, if I was fast and smart enough she wouldn't die.

Now to add to that, a lot of people died as well. Annabeth's brother, possibly Malcolm, and from what I heard from the crowd, Will and Nyssa. Suddenly my throat felt raw when I remembered Will. Oh gods, Nico. What is he thinking right now? I hope he's okay. I hope he doesn't hate me too like the others.

But even if they do hate me,  I would still stay here. Maybe, after a while they will forgive me if I showed them I was sorry. Another thing that confused me is the fact that Athena didn't say where I went like she promised she would. Now I have to deal with this on my own. I promised I wouldn't tell them about the prophecy because i'm guessing they also aren't on the shape of knowing doomsday is near on us. Again. And I can't let them down again.

"I can't let them down again."I repeated out loud.

I am not abandoning them ever again.


I went inside Cabin 3 and saw that Damien was there. He was sitting on my bed, in his hands is the Minotaur horn. He was smiling in a disturbing way. When I closed the door, he looked up and his weird smile grew larger. I frowned at that.

"Well if it isn't my big brother, Percy Jackson."He said. "Does it hurt? Being shunned by camp? Your girlfriend not there for you?"

I gritted my teeth, "You're not my brother. I don't feel the sea in you. We're not related."I said calmly. I was not gonna give him the satisfaction of making me feel pissed. Besides, I don't believe we're related. He must be only 2 years younger than me. I mean that's creepy.

He lost his smile and I smirked. Then his smile went right back. "I will get what you have. All because you don't deserve it."

"What is your problem?"I asked. "I never did anything wrong to you, except that I twisted your arm but that was bec-"

His smile became a sneer,"Never did anything?" he stood up, "Poseidon forgot about ne and ny mother because of you. My mother waited, she waited and he never came. He never came back because he was with you and your mother."

My eyebrows met in confusion. "I wasn't with Poseidon when I was a baby. I only met him when I was 12."

He laughed mirthlessly, "What makes you think I believe you?"

He walked past me, towards the door. He went out but before he close the door he said, "I will make you leave. I'm going to avenge my mother's death. I will break you, Son of Poseidon, Hero of Olympus."

He closed the door. The guilt and fear was overwhelming. I sat down on the bed because my knees felt like jelly. Heat was in my ers again and tears were threatening to fall. But can't hild it any longer so I curled up in my bed and closed my eyes.

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