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I release my grip on the bow, the arrow goes flying but lands just short of the dummy.

"Come on, (Y/n)! You're better than this." Cato yells at me.

I let out a groan of frustration.

"(Y/n), you just need to focus." He says more calmly than when he spoke before.

"Focus? How do you expect me to focus with you standing there watching me! You're practically breathing down my neck!" I scream in his face.

He looks shocked at first, I don't wait to see the rest of his reaction. I drop my bow and storm out of the training center, not listening to a word that he has to say.

Ever since he won last year, he's been an ass. Showing everyone that he's the best and it's getting on my last nerve. Before the games I actually like him and thought he was genuine. He was so cruel to the girl from 12 when he killed her. That was a side that I never saw.

When Cato finally came back after the victory tour, he was showing off for all of the girls. His eyes for me glazed over.

One year later, I volunteered like how it was always planned. My last year of reaping I had to to not dishonor my family.

Cato was training my the day before I went into the games. He made me nervous still and he still acted high and mighty. His yelling finally got to me and I had to leave.

Here I am now, sitting on my bed looking at the city skyline of the Capital.

A soft knock pulls me out of my thoughts.

"Come in" I answer, not leaving my place on the bed.

Cato peeks in and steps forward cautiously. He stands around awkwardly until I pat the spot on the bed next to me gesturing for him to sit.

"I'm sorry, (Y/n)" Cato apologizes.

I breathe out a large breath I never realized I was holding.

"It's just hard for me." He continues.

"Hard for you?" How can it be hard for him? He already won the Hunger Games. He has nothing to worry about.

"Yeah, it's my first year training someone before they go into the games. I'm nervous that I'll mess up."

Of course he's thinking about himself.

Cato puts a hand on my thigh. I snap my head up to face his, our eyes making contact.

"I don't know what I would do if i sent you into the games and I didn't train you the best that I possibly could." He looks down.

"Cato, it's okay! I've been training my whole life, we've been training our whole life. We were made for this. If I'm still struggling at this point it's my own doing. The nerves are getting to me but I know that I'll be fine in the arena." I place a hand on his chin bringing his head up to face mine.

His eyes hold contact with mine for a second or two before his eyes flicker down to my lips. Without hesitation he leans in and makes a connection with my lips. I smile into the kiss. This is finally happening.

We both pull away, Cato has a stupid grin on his face.

"You have to win fast because it's going to be hell without you."

"I will come right back here. For you." I grin myself.

I finally have someone to come home to. I have something to fight for. I have to win these games.

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