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5:30 p.m

It didn't take me and Ace that long to touch down in Boston Ace had booked us a nice hotel suite with two rooms and a nice view. It was decked out with so much fancy shit and It didn't matter if we'd only be here for three days ace had to do it big regardless. That was my big brother for you though. You would think the first thing I would want to do is relax a little, but no my only concern was finding my father. The only thing that was stopping me from doing that was being in New York , but now that we're here in Boston there's nothing stopping us. I knew my farther had got a little condo down here that he was staying at and I figured that should be the first place we look. That's are only lead we got so far, so we didn't have a choice.

Once the man was done carrying our bags up to our room ace tipped him and we both placed our bags into our rooms. I took a split second to admire my huge bathroom and cream colored king sized bed it looked so comfortable, but I didn't have time to test it out. My father was my only concern.

I just needed to have a quick chat with my brother.

''Ace you ready to go?'' I said waking into his room. He wasn't even doing nothing, but sitting on his bed looking at his phone.

''Yeah sis just give me a minute to check up on Alexis.''He said while I sighed.

I started to go off on him, but I didn't. He had already talked to Alexis on our way here and I'm sure she was fine. I get that she's pregnant with his child and all and I'm not trying to sound like a bitch or nothing, but were wasting time on looking for our dad. The sooner we start looking the better honestly.

''Ok ace.'' I said waking out of his room and sitting on the couch. My mind began to wonder about so many negative things about my father that I didn't want to speak of. I just pray to god that's he's alive and well, so that I can kill him myself for ignoring me. But then again I know He wouldn't ignore me purposely because he we would talk everyday, so it made me think something was up. My eyes began to get watery just thinking about it. Damn this shit was eating me up on the inside tremendously I needed to find my dad quickly as possible I just wanted to hear his voice.

''You okay Mel?'' Ace said coming in the living room and looking at me.

I nodded my head. ''Yeah Ace I'm fine.'' I said wiping my eyes.

He sighed. '' No you not Mel talk to me.'' He said sitting next to me.

I literally broke down in his arms. ''Ace I'm scared okay. I'm scared that our father is gone and he won't come back. I can't handle losing both of our parents I'm still not fully recovered from losing mom. I can't .... I can't go through the pain again I'm not strong enough for that.'' I said crying my eyes out into his chest.

''I know you scared baby sis , but I'm right here with you. We gone find him Mel I promise we are and whatever happens just know we'll deal with it together cause that's what family's for.'' He said rubbing my back.

I couldn't even fix my mouth to speak right now so I nodded instead. I just wanted to be in my farther's presence right now. I missed him so much and I needed him.

''Mel I got you I love you. You hear me?''Ace said continuing to rub my back.

''I love you too ace.'' I said wiping my tears.

Ace would be the only one I had left if everything went bad. I hate to even think about it because ace and our farther were the most important men in my life. I couldn't see myself without either one of them and the thought of losing either one of them just breaks my heart. Why do you think I went so crazy about Ace being involved in illegal shit? I don't want anything to happen to him. This was all I had.

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