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Dont Scare Them

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(Triggers: shorter chapter, New Years, homicide, discovering bodies, F/n knows a guy who knows a guy who makes real- fake IDs and birth certificates, paying homage to Carrie Fisher may she Rest In Peace, alcohol)
(Y/n POV)
It was one day away from the New Year. It could finally be 2017. I was upset over the death of Carrie Fisher. She was a good woman and Jodie actually had begun to cry when she heard about it on the news. It took the rest of the Star Wars movies with everyone around to calm her down...and a big bag of M&Ms. She almost made herself sick! Poor thing.
We were finally watching the Force Awakens today on January 31st.
"Do they all seriously start with that "long ago in a galaxy far away" thing?" Burr asked.
"Well, yeah..." Jodie replied. "It's kinda their forte."
I smiled. "I can't wait until tonight. You guys can finally experience a New Year's Eve party." My small smile became a grin focused at Laurens.
"God, it's going to be great!" F/n announced. "Getting wasted, watching it all from the safe distance of the big window." They knocked on the glass of the large window in the living room.
Jefferson fiddled around with a fake ID he had received earlier in the day. His neutral expression on the small card stared back at him. I chuckled. F/n knew someone who made fake IDs for a living. He got them social security number, birth certificates and all that. I personally thought it was a bad idea...because you know...it's illegal. But they insisted it would be for the best. I see it now.
A few hours passed and the movie concluded. Vanessa was supposed to be hear by now. I texted her, and waited a few minutes.
F/n already broken out the booze, passing drinks to those who desired it. Laurens chugged down a bottle of some kind of IPA. He coughed and already looked a little tipsy. I sipped wine.
It approached midnight and Vanessa still wasn't here. Jodie was bouncing off the walls with sugar, along with Lafayette. She gave him candy and let's say his body reacted to the sugar...can't say if that's a good or a bad thing.
F/n stood near the window. You could see the packed streets of Times Square so close by. The ball began to grow lower.
"Oh my god, it's almost time!" Jodie squeaked.
"New year... huh." Jefferson sipped the same wine kind of wine as me.
"I'm gonna cry."
Why isn't Venessa here?!
Jodie popped a popper and screamed it. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" She had jumped onto Lafayette's back and he nearly toppled over whole downing his drink like the rest of us. Laurens belched after drinking his at least third bottle of beer. Mulligan was even more tipsy than him.
I grinned. Bye bye 2016 you horrid fuck.
Where was Vanessa? Had she decided not come? Maybe she forgot it was New Year's Eve. I rolled my eyes. She hadn't texted back yet.
Washy was at the door, sniffing at it. I gave Jodie a sign to tell her I was going to check on Vanessa. I opened up the door, stepped into the hallway, and noticed something...peculiar about Vanessa's door. It was kicked in. The doorknob had been kicked off. It was on the floor. I hesitated as I pushed the door in. The place reeked of something. I couldn't put my finger on it. I tip-toed in.
I could tell she had been broken into. There was obvious signs of a struggle too!
"Vanessa!" I called out, growing worried.
I rounded the corner into her kitchen to find the unimaginable.
I teared up and covered my mouth at the sight of it.
Vanessa's bloodied corpse laid sprawled out, tied down to the countertop island. Her thick crimson blood dropped rhythmically to the floor. Her legs were torn to pieces and parts of her arms and thighs had been filleted. The note told me who it was.
"6 more..."
I shook with fear and horror as I felt bile rose in my throat. I swallowed my vomit back painfully as I ran back to apartment, tears running down my cheeks.
I grabbed the phone and panted. I was panicking.
Alexander looked at me. "Y/n, what's wrong?"
"Hello, 911 what's your emergency?"
"Please come quickly. I found my neighbor dead...! She's been murdered!"
"What the fuck?!" Hercules ran across the hall and came back with a horrified expression as the 911 operator dispatched policemen.
I cried until they came.
The police and paramedics were swarming the area. I had kept Jodie away from the crime scene. She slept with her head on my lap as I sat on my couch.
"Ms. L/n...did tot hear anything odd from her apartment today?" The detective asked me.
I shook my head. "No...we just had plans for her to come over tonight for a party while the ball dropped...when she didn't show and wasn't answering my texts I went over to check, and that's where I found her." I said slowly as I pet Jodie's hair.
Jefferson and Alexander were being questioned across the room. For some reason they police deemed all of us suspects, even though it was obviously the doing of the Midtown Cannibal.
It happened so close to me. It was right across the hall. Her screams of pain muffled. I felt scared. It chilled me to the bone.
Mom and dad were already informed and said Jodie could stay here as long as I locked up tightly and barricaded every night with a dresser. I was gonna do that anyway.
I have my reasons to be afraid...
(Unknown POV)
Good job me... another murder. Vanessa didn't see it coming...
And neither will Y/n...


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