Late Night Sleepover.

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WARNING: This chapter contains sexual content. I will indicate when it begins and ends so those that want to skip it, can. I did not plan for it to be explicit, it just happened. It felt right.

I jump out of bed and throw on a sweater then rush to my bedroom door, pulling open the door slowly to be met with darkness

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I jump out of bed and throw on a sweater then rush to my bedroom door, pulling open the door slowly to be met with darkness. Just what I wanted to see, I peek my head out looking at each door for any signs of life but all is dark. I creep down the hall, avoiding the creaky spots that I've memorized. I know that sneaking Chase into the house is insane, my heart is pounding wildly, but this is also exhilarating.

I pace the front foyer, waiting for any indication that he's near or here. After an agonizing 17 minutes, my phone chines in my hands, a squeak of excitement passes my lips. The light from my phone blinds me as I look at his text, I dance in place and I have to remind myself to be quiet. Giddily I move to the door, whipping it open and wait upon the threshold until I see a figure walking down the driveway. My legs catapult me forward until I within feet of Chase, I jump into his arms. He catches me easily. He laughs into my neck, "Someone did miss me."

I pull back to look at this face, I'm greeted by his beautiful smile."I did."

He gives me a small peck on my lips, "We should probably head inside." I nod in agreement, and he releases me onto my feet. We make our way into the house, and up the stairs, "stay towards the wall." I whisper. Once we reach my door, I hurry in and lock the door behind us. That's when I notice the blood on his shirt, "oh my gosh." I rush towards him, grabbing onto his tee, "What happened? Are you okay?"

He looks down confused, his face relaxes when he sees the blood. He places his hands over mine. "Yeah, I'm fine. Vance is a bit roughed up though."

"What!" I gasp, my jaw going slack.

Chase pulls me to my bed, sitting down and having me sit next to him. "He'll be fine. There was an incident at Sliders."

"An incident?" I ask sarcastically.


"Oh my gawd." I sigh.

"V, he was talking a lot of shit."

"About what?"

"You.." he pauses, "Me. Us."

"Us? What do you mean?"

"I don't know, I don't really remember exactly what he was saying, but he was referring to you as my girlfriend. I managed to get Vance to walk away, until Dixon shoved me and Vance went nuts. Dixon looks a lot worse off than Vance."

"Geszus." I shake my head.

"V, we have to talk to Vance soon. He never questioned what was said, thank god, but If he would have asked, I don't think I can straight out lie to him." 

I sigh. I know he's right, I'm terrified of what may happen when he does find out. I lean into Chase, needing his comfort, and he doesn't hesitate to wrap his arms around me. "It'll be okay, no matter what happens, WE will be okay."

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