Chapter 7

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Aurora wasn't sure what she should be doing. Her mate didn't seem to want her around her,  and she didn't know anyone in the pack. Kole was avoiding her like the plague, so she figured that he was trying to decide if he should reject her and how he should do it. It wasn't normal, Aurora  has seen a lot of mates find each other and only one couple had rejected each other. Usually finding a mate was celebrated by the pack, and the pair that had been rejected was done quickly and straight to the point. She almost wished she had that Kole would just get it over with. She wasn't going to reject him, she had thought about it but it would be humiliating for an Alpha to be rejected by a runt, and quite frankly she didn't want to spend her life alone.

"Aurora, I was going to go into town, would you like to come with me? We can get you some clothes while we are out?" Kole spoke breaking her out of  her thoughts. She blinked twice before she realized that he was talking to her. 

"Sure." She hesitated.

"Would you be ready in an hour?"

"Yes." She nodded, she was literally doing nothing. Just sitting in their bedroom, unsure if she was allowed to venture out and meet others.

The hour went quickly and before she knew it she was starting to feel sick to her stomach, she was nervous about going out with Kole. They barely had a conversation, despite sharing a bedroom. He was the last one to go to bed, and the first to leave the bedroom in the morning, usually before she ever woke up.


"I heard from a little birdy that you were taking someone out for clothes." Georgia spoke, her eyes twinkling in excitement as she looked at her big brother.

"I am." Kole nodded, rubbing the back of his neck slightly nervous about his first outing with his little mate.

"Good, just remember that you need to be nice. She probably has never been shopping before, at least not for herself, so you should spoil her, but not overwhelm her." Georgia warned.

"I know how to treat my mate." Kole growled at his sisters unwanted and unneeded advice.

"I'm not saying you don't, but she's a little different."

"Watch it, sister." Kole warned not liking anyone talking about his mate like that, not even his sister. His wolf was definitely alert and didn't appreciate it being pointed out that there was something wrong with his mate, there wasn't; she was perfect. She just didn't know it.

"I don't think its a bad thing," Georgia said trying to correct her statement, clearly seeing the flash of silver as his wolf was angered. "I just don't want you scaring her off."  Wrong thing to say, she knew it but she kept digging herself into a hole.

"Babe, I don't know what your saying but you better stop. We can practically feel the anger of the Alpha build from the other room." Alex spoke walking into the room.

"Are you saying I don't know how to treat my mate?" Her brother asked standing straight, ignoring Alex's presence in the room.

"That's not what I'm saying at all, but I've spent time with her, and I think I know how she thinks. At least let me come?" His sister asked giving him her  best puppy dog eyes.

"Stop. Those may work for dad, but not me. Now if you excuse me, I need to find my mate." Kole said, a small smile coming to his face at the thought of his mate. He couldn't believe that he had actually found her, and now that he has, he needed to actually try to talk to her.

Kole grabbed his leather jacket before smelling her out. He wasn't surprised to find her still in the bedroom, the salty smell of fear immediately filling his senses.

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