Chapter 56

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(Gemini Pov)

"Ugh Im So Exhausted.." Tay Said As She Swung The Door Open.

"Where My Kids At?" I Asked Her As I Turned And Looked At Her As She Made Her Way To The Kitchen.

"Kevin" Was All She Said.

Second Later. Ty And King Came Running In.

"Daddy" They Yelled In Unison As They Jumped Up On Me.

"Wassup" I Said As I Held Both Of Them In My Arms.

"The Sky.. And Cloud And Birds Daddy" Ty Said.

"Wow I Was Not Aware" I Sarcastically Said.

"Daddy You Did Know" King Said.

"Maybe I Did.. Maybe I Didnt" I Said. "But How Was Yall 2nd Day Of School Today?" I Asked Them Both.

"I Made Alot Of Friends" Ty Said.

"Ohh Yeah" I Said.

"Yupp" She Said.

"And..." King Said To Ty.

Ty Obviously Had No Idea What King Was Talking About.

"Daddy Can I Tell You Something?" King Asked Me.

"Yeah Tell Me" I Told Him.

"In Your Ear" He Said.

"Go Ahead" I Told Him.

King Leaned In And Began To Whisper In My Ear...

"A Boy Thought Ty Was Pretty..."

"Oh Really" I Said.

"Yess" King Said.

"Aww Gem You Cooked For All Of Us" Tay Said. I Looked Over As She Bagan To Uncover The Pots While Holding A Sandwich In Her Hand.

"For King And Ty... Not For You" I Told Her.

"Watch Me Eat They Food Then" She Said.

"Yall Go Undress So Yall Can Eat Before Your Momma Gobble Up All The Food" I Said Causing Both Ty And King To Giggle.

"I Aint No Damn Turkey" Tay Said. "I Dont Gobble" She Added.

"You Know I Was Playing Babe" I Said As I Snaked My Arms Around Tays Waist As She Fill Her Plate.

"Better" She Said Getting Out Of My Hold.

She Sat Her Plate Down And Went To Pull Out A Stool. I Took Her By The Waist And Spun Her Around To Face Me. Her Back Was Against The Counter And My Hands Were On Either Side Of Her.

"Better?" I Asked.

"Gemini Aint Nobody Scared Of You" She Said With Her Hands Cross And A Smile Plastered Across Her Face.

I Cupped Her Ass In My Hands And Lift Her Up On The Counter Causing Her To Giggle My Name.

"Gemini Come On Now" Tay Said As I Dugg My Face In The Crook Of Her Neck And Began To Lay Soft Kisses There.

As I Bagan To Suck On Her Neck. She Tried Hard To Keep In Her Moans. I Could Hear Them Satisfying Sounds Of Her At The Back Of Her Throat.

"I. Dont. Want You. To. Ever. Be Scared. Of. Me." I Told Her Between Kisses To Her Lips.

She Smiled And Nodded Her Head Agreeing To What I Just Told Her. Then She Grabbed My Face With Her Small Hands And She Pulled Me In For A Kiss.

After She Got A Few Kisses In. I Locked My Lips Denying Her Tongue Entrance. She Then Bit My Lip Softly Then After She Slipped Her Tongue In My Mouth And I Touched My Tongue With Hers Both Of Our Tongues Went To Dance.

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