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Louis gets his nails done, marvelling at them the whole way home.
"Thank you so much, daddy," Louis grins. Harry smiles at him and pats his thigh.
"That's okay, baby. They're very pretty. You sure you can do stuff with nails that long?"
"If I can't will you help me?"
"Of course I will, princess. When we get home I want you to put the toys out on our bed. Okay?"
"Yes daddy."
"Good boy."

They have a lot of fun with their light pink cuffs and feathers and paint brushes.

Once he has come down from his blurriness, relaxed against Harry's side, they browse some shops online.

"This is nice," Harry hums as he looks through the thing Louis has put in the basket. He hovers the cursor over a pink cropped hoody.
"I-I don't want to be a girl," Louis stutters. "I just like the clothes and stuff. I understand if you want me to stop-"
"You look gorgeous no matter what you wear. You look even better if you're happy and confident in what you're wearing. If you feel pretty, I don't give a shit what you wear, I think you look perfect all the time."

Louis blushes but tips his head up to kiss Harry slowly, tongues brushing against each other.
"Thank you, daddy. There's um- there are some really pretty pyjamas... here."

There are short, sheer night dresses with matching panties. Some are lace, some are silky but Harry can't stop staring at the tight fitting, lace bodysuits.

He adds what he likes to the basket and anything Louis says he's missed.
"Can't wait to see you in these," Harry smirks and shows Louis the sets.

"You're the best daddy ever

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"You're the best daddy ever. And good daddy's don't make their babies wait so long to come," Louis smiles, rolling onto Harry's thighs. Harry takes his time ordering stuff, still ignoring Louis' complaints until he moves the laptop.

"I didn't roll the dice. You did. You chose to wait 50 days, with seven edges a day. So about those edges..."

Louis whines and pouts up at Harry when he has explained the terms of his edging.
"When I wake up and before I go to bed? I'll never be able to think about anything but my dick. And what if I'm in work?"
"Gotta do your edges, love. Just don't get caught being dirty in the toilets."
"But I'll be hard in work! I'll get creepy men talking to me," Louis tries to convince him.
"And you can tell them you're happily engaged to your daddy that gets to come fifty five times before you do. I come on my own terms too, so I could just wank and it wouldn't count. I can stretch this out for a while."

Louis kneels beside Harry, a defeated pout and a gentle hand shoved underneath Harry's shirt. His nails scratch through the trail of hair beneath his belly button and trace patterns on his skin.

Harry pushes a thumb past Louis' pouty lips and presses his tongue down. Louis flushes and squirms slightly.
"But I can't resist you, baby. There's no way I couldn't let you touch me for too long," Harry reassures.

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