Chapter Thirty Five ~ Torture

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The Claw eyed the medics circled around It.

I studied It for a long moment; Its skin was bruised, abraded, sliced apart in some places. I waved a medic forward in an order to heal It. Always better to start with a clean work surface. Pushing everything down and locking my mind on the task ahead, I walked around the Claw as the medic healed It. It was wearing no clothing. That meant I didn't have to worry about hidden weapons or pills the Claw could take in order to kill Itself. Its body was bound, including its fingers so no jutsu could possibly be formed, and there was a gag in its mouth to prevent biting or speaking. I removed it. Finally, finished  circling, I ended up right in front of the Claw again.

"Hello," I greeted.

The Claw's gaze snapped to me. "Mujōna," It said, tonelessly. The medic finished and quickly backed away.

I graced It with a nod. "You know of me," I acknowledged. "Great. That takes care of introductions."

"Cashile-san?" A ninja questioned, hands on the cart full of tools she had just rolled in. The Claw's gaze is drawn to the hammers, blades, saws, clamps, and other tools laid out precisely on the cart's surface.

"Just leave that there," I ordered with a smile. Turning towards Danzo, I asked, "So what's the deal with these medics? Will they talk about what happens in here?"

He was already shaking his head. "No," he replied. "They can't."

I raised an eyebrow. Can't? The ANBU had said the same thing when I'd questioned him about where I'd been summoned and who had summoned me. Danzo picked up on my unasked question and gestured towards a medic.

She stuck her tongue out at me.

"Ah," I replied, studying the seal on her tongue. "I see. Ingenious."

Danzo smirked and nodded. "No information about events that took place in this room will leave their mouths."

"Unless you order it so, of course," I murmured.

He blinked, then let out a coarse laugh. "Of course."

"You'll need to be out of sight," I ordered him. "I have to control all the stimuli I possibly can." Danzo nodded. "And I expect you to share any information you discover with me, of course."

He narrowed his eye.

"Otherwise, I just may let it slip to the wrong people that this organization exists," I smirked, hiding how tense I was; this was a gamble on my part. Danzo would never risk the discovery of his little organization. But that didn't mean he would give in to my demand; he might just as easily order my execution. I could escape, but I would never be able to stay in Konoha.

"But of course," Danzo replied smoothly. "And in turn, I won't speak of the activities which you are... partaking in today. Konoha may not turn away from torture of enemy nin, but the torture of a little boy who looks fresh from the academy? We have to draw the line somewhere."

We stared at each other for a long moment before I nodded tersely. He returned it, and I considered the matter closed.

I turned back to the Claw, who had watched the entire exchange with calculating eyes. Danzo faded into the shadows as I began. "Have you ever played the game Would You Rather?"

The Claw was staring at me with incomprehension. Even a medic made a noise of confusion. The Claw didn't know what the game Would You Rather was. The medic didn't know why I was talking about a child's game during an interrogation.

"C'mon, you can't be older than thirteen, maybe fourteen; you must have played at some point." I was still met with a complete and utter lack of comprehension. "Alright, I'll explain. I say 'Would you rather', then list two options, which you have to choose from. Get it?"

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