Chapter 34.

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Niall arrived at my door in record time considering he had to walk the half mile to my flat. I was currently watching him eat leftover spaghetti on my chair in the living room. We had his gossip programme on and he was intent on watching it without noise.

“Caroline Flack and Harry Styles…broken up?” The ‘reporter’ rhetorically asked. Niall slurped his noodles whilst nodding.

“They don’t miss a beat!” He said, picking up his garlic bread.

I laughed at his ridiculousness. How can he watch these shows? They are so stupid! Not to mention extremely off the mark.

“Caroline…seen here” The man said gesturing to a picture of Caroline and what appears to be Olly Murs, “Is seen hugging this mystery man. Could he be a more mature man for her?”

I laughed, “Oh goodness, obviously people don’t recognize Olly Murs when they see him…”

Niall chuckled, “But it’s a dimly lit room. It could be anyone.”

I rolled my eyes, “Are you going to believe a programme or the truth…especially when you know the truth!”

He laughed, “Oh, I guess we do know that Caroline and Harry broke it off…”

I nodded, “Where have you been?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Not paying much attention lately.”

I gave him a curious look, “Why Is that?”

He played with the food on his plate and it made me wonder: why hadn’t he been acting himself lately?

“I don’t know…Zayn said I was depressed or something.” He mumbled, twirling noodles around his fork.

I was about to speak when there was a knock at the door. I looked over at it confused. Niall stood up with his half-finished plate. “I’ll go clean up.”

I nodded and watched Niall walk to the kitchen. The knock sounded again and I walked over to the door. Please don’t be one of the boys, please don’t be one of the boys. I swung the door open and there in the pouring rain was James. My jaw hit the floor. He put one foot through the door, “Mind if I come in? It’s pouring out there.”

I was speechless as he walked inside. I never admitted him! Why the hell was he here? My mind flashed back to his voicemail from the beginning of the week. He said he wanted to meet up with me…

I grabbed his arm, which was drenched, “What the fuck are you doing here?” I whisper-shouted at him.

He smirked, flipping his brown locks with an elegant swoosh. “I told you, I wanted to see you.”

“Shh!” I shushed him and put a finger to my lips signaling him to be quieter.

“Why?” He chuckled, winking at me. I felt utterly disgusted.

“Because…” I said, removing my hand from his arm.

“Annie… where do the plates…?” Niall asked, walking out of the kitchen and looking from me to James.

James laughed, “Oh, now I see why you asked me to be quiet… Your boyfriend is here.”

My face flushed red in embarrassment as he continued, “The same dick you brought to the beach, Niall isn’t it?” He asked, I rolled my eyes at him.

Niall looked ticked. Really James? Did you have to come here after Niall and I were just getting back to normal? “Yeah, and you’re the ass who cheated on her more than once, yeah?” Niall asked, setting the plate on the table and walked over to me, slipping his arm around my waist.