Chapter 1

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(Hey guys I'm backkkkk, this story has been on hold for so long now but I'm working on it now. This is unedited btw:)

Lucy Heartfilia was never one of those typical girls you see on the streets with handfuls of shopping bags in fancy clothing, her dream was to one day serve her country in the Fairy Tail Training Military Academy.

At the moment she was outside the main office signing registration forms which seemed to come to no end. The golden haired girl hoped with all her heart she would be able to make it in and serve in the military just like her father did. She could take the pain, she had trained nights after nights to get muscle.

" Thank you" The young girl handed back the elderly woman the papers after dropping the pen back in its holder.

"Good luck miss" With that all Lucy could do was wait for the end results if she made it in.

Her strides getting slower and slower with every step as her mind drifted to when she was little, all the memories she shared with her parents before her father's passing a few years back.

Jude Heartfilia was killed during battle we are sorry for your loss Those words were printed into her memory the day 2 soldiers came to her house with a package of her father's belongings. Jude's death hit both her and her mother like an earthquake crumbling their perfect world.

A year later after her father's death, Lucy's mother died due to the extreme depression she was dealing with plus the pressure her mother Layla had with the single mom lifestyle.

The road was tough but she managed to survive eventually living in a small apartment down the street from the Academy. Almost every morning she looked out the window at the magnificent academy admiring the people coming in and out every day.

Sometimes at night just a few minutes before the clock ticks to midnight a young man with spiky pink hair comes and goes out of the Academy.

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