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I went home to get the rest of my clothes over the past month or so I have raised enough money for Lisa and I to move out on our own it was a big step for the both of us but I was ready and I know she was. My baby will be here in a little less than two months it's time for me to be on my grown man shit for real. I got to graduate early because I took extra time to do online classes, I will start a community college for law in four months everything is going good. I walk into the house thinking no one would be here because ofcourse Ally would be with KJ it's like she moved in with him every since the incident, I don't really like that idea because what if someone who wants KJ's head goes for Ally that's how that thug shit goes down. I hear moaning and something banging on the wall I know it's not Ally and KJ, Ally said she wasn't having sex she wouldn't lie to me right? I went upstairs and I swung the door open and saw KJ on top of Ally with her legs wrapped around him I was in shock like what? "What the fuck" I said they both layed there looking lost. I closed the door and walked to my room to start packing my stuff still in shock.

"Frank" I heard Ally whisper in my door way "what" I said still looking down and packing "look at me" I looked up at her and she was wearing KJ's shirt and some shorts, I looked back down and shook my head. "Frank what stop acting like that obviously you have had sex if your about to have a child don't even start that petty bullshit with me" "Ally you lied to me with that innocent oh I don't have sex not me baby ass lies and I come back to see your legs wrapped around that nigga" "that nigga is my boyfriend!" Ally yelled, I grabbed her arm and pulled her close so she can only hear me it was a harsh whisper "that nigga can get you killed ever thought of that huh?!" "yes Frank but I love him you know what love is let me live my life stay the fuck out of it!" Ally said as she snatched away from my grip, she stormed back to her room and slammed the door which caused me to yell "DONT SLAM NO MOTHERFUCKING DOORS IN THIS HOUSE LITTLE GIRL!" it was time for me to get out start my own life Ally was right I do need to get the fuck out of her life but when shit goes wrong I won't be there.

I left the house without saying bye to Ally, I went to the apartment first to drop off most of my stuff, I looked in the babies room and I smiled my son will be here soon I looked at all of his things we already got him I'm ready to start my family. I went back to my car and went over to Lisa house the twins hugged me and we goofed off a little bit. Tonight I'm taking Lisa out just because we haven't been on a date since she first got pregnant things was hard now they are getting better. "FRAAAANK" I hear Lisa groan. I went to her room yes she looked beautiful with a blue dress on black and blue heels and she had added extra hair to hers and it was real curly. "Baby you look beautiful" "no I look fat, your son makes me look fat" I started to laugh because she was so cute. "It's not funny Frank I have nothing to wear you over here wearing true religion jeans timbs and a polo then it's my fat ass" "baby chill" I said pulling we close and kissing her lips, I looked her in the eyes "You look amazing now come on I have something nice planned for us."

The car ride to this new Italian restaurant was interesting all we would talk about was names I wanted him to have my name but then again I want him to be his own person. We arrived and Lisa's eyes lit up "baby you know I love Italian food I love you" she said as she gave me a kiss. I got out the car and opened her door helping her out we held hands as we walked in, we had to wait to be seated then a elder couple approached us they was in their 80s. "You all are a very stunning couple that was how me and my Eddy looked in 1920" "Oh Eleanor they don't want to hear that" the elder man said. "No thank you we really appreciate that" Lisa said, then they smiled and walked away. Later we finally got a table and we ate had a good time, it was the best night in a long time, but this night has more to come. We got in the car and I saw Lisa was sleep, I toke her hand and interlocked it with mine and kissed it because it's only going to be us against the world, What she didn't know is we are spending the night at our new apartment and I'm happy she is sleep now because I don't think there will be any later. (yes you can have sex when your pregnant) Lisa was still sleep when I pulled in I wanted her to remain sleep so I picked her up and I got in our new home and layed her on the bed. I went in the bathroom where it was a jacuzzi type tub this was a nice apartment. I put candles around the tub turned the lights down low and turned on some slow R&B music for the rest of this romantic night.

I went to wake up Lisa, "where are we at?" "Sssh" I said putting my finger to her lips, "relax let me do all the work and talking" she actually listened to me. I took off her heels then dress then under garments, I kissed her stomach with my son in it just a few days and she will be 8 months. I carried her to the bathroom and placed her in the warm water "this is nice" she said in awe. I got in next sitting behind her rubbing her back, then we later made love in the tub. We got out and I started putting my polo pajama pants on and looked at Lisa she was looking at the floor and it was a puddle of water beneath her, " water broke".

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