Dear Mr. President... I Think I'm Dating Your Son [2]

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Dear Mr President... I Think I'm Dating your Son


CNN News...

Lisa Lester: good morning its six fifty five am and you are watching CNN's 5 minute edition. Hi, I am Lisa Lester and on today's news, a woman has been arrested on a charge of stalking the President. Here is what the President had to say about it:

"*nervous chuckle* Wow it's quite flattering -*he said running hands through his hair -*that people or a person would go to the extent of stalking me to get my attention..."

Lisa Lester: this is the fifth time the charismatic President has been stalked... he was not however disheartened in anyway. In other news...

Cassie's POV

Why was I even watching this... oh yeah I'm about to go for my daily run. I continued watching...

Lisa Lester: Okay so now we will cross over to Dain Rich who has E news (a/n entertainment news)

Dain Rich: yes Lisa I have some new details on mystery boy..." his deep southern accent continued "it is now alleged that mystery boys' mother was a high-school fling of President Lewis. It seems 'the peoples President' as he's known as, has many skeletons in his closet. We can only hope that it doesn't get any worse."

Lisa Lester: thanks Dain... and that's all for the 5 minute edition, see you again at 5 pm this evening."

Argh! Why did I waste my time watching that? I pulled on my custom made, gold and white trainers, put my iPod earphones in my ear, switched it to 'Turnt up by Chris brown' and jogged out the door in my white short shorts and tight yellow tank top. It was seven o'c lock meaning I had an hour to jog. Early in junior high, I started jogging because Kale and I used to jog together, when we 'were' together. I changed my route afterwards though....

*flashback -junior high- half the truth)*

"Did you or did you not?" I asked as calmly as I could

"Look Cassie there's other ways around this" he said under his breath considering we were in my room.

"Can you stop avoiding the question... did you or did you not sleep with Gemma!" I asked raising my voice.

He looked away running a hand through his hair...

"Answer me god damn it!" I asked now outraged with tears streaming down my face

"Yes! Yes! Why do you have do you have to turn EVERY single thing into an argument when your the one who said we should keep 'us' a secret... and that seeing other people would make it more realistic."

"Realistic? We both had reputations to uphold... how do you think it would have looked if Kale Philips schools player was 'whipped' on Cassie De Lorento the head cheerleader and most popular girl in school?..."

*flashback ends*

Cassie 's POV continued

I had been jogging around the park for about 45 minutes when I saw a rugged, athletic looking 'Greek god' jogging in my direction.


"What do you want Kaleb?" I asked while his all-natural smirk appeared on his face.

"You haven't called me Kaleb since the first night we..."

"Do you mind?" I cut him off, looking around and making sure, nobody had heard. He laughed musically

"Relax I just wanted to change my route today and seeing you was a bonus so whatever" he said casually with a shrug of his shoulders.

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