So when Ian and I were nominated for a People's Choice Award. Which was best onscreen chemistry! I know how awesome that is. The first thing I did was I called Ian. "Ian guess what" I told him as he answered the phone. "What is it Nina" Ian said with amusement. "We were nominated for a PCA" I screamed into the phone with excitement. "Wait, what" Ian shouted on the other side.

"We were nominated for Best Onscreen Chemistry!" I screamed into the phone. "That's amazing Nina" he also screamed back.

"What are you doing now" Ian asked me. I looked around my empty house. Nothing. "I'm not doing anything" I told him. "Wanna make up a little scene, for when we accept our beautiful award" He asked and I addmediatly answered "yes". He said he'll be over in a hour. After I hung up the phone I ran into my room. I looked for something cute to where. I scanned my closet and found my pink blouse with a design in the bottom left corner.

I also found my jeans with the same design. I took off my shirt leaving me in my black bra. After I finished getting dressed I curled my hair. As soon as I opened the bathroom door when I was finished curling my hair, the doorbell rang. Yay Ian's here. I couldn't stop smiling. I opened the door to see Ian with a shocked and mesmerized look on his face. "What" I asked him getting uncomfortable. "Nothing. Its just that you look amazingly gorgeous" he told me stepping into the doorframe. His body very close to mine.

"Uh....., I think we should get started" I say stepping back. Its not that I didn't want to be close to him. Its just that I don't want to have my heart broken again. The last time we spilt I was barely able to breath. I can't relive it again. Ian looked and smelled amazing, He had his black, silk, long sleeve shirt on. With really tight jeans.

Ian walked and laid on the couch with his legs straight and his arms behind his head. I shut and locked the door. I walk slowly past him with my arms lying on my sides. Ian grabbed my hand and turns me so I'm lying on his lap. He's looking dead in my eyes. I stare into his blue ones. That's one of the things I loved about Ian. His bright, icy, blue eyes. Then he locks his fingers into mine. Not again. I can't do this now. "Ian....I..... We can't" I say standing up. "Why not" he said getting up after me. "We came to to the skit thing for the PCAs" I say changing the subject.

"OK fine" he said sitting down on the couch. I sit next to him as I explain my ideas. "I think we should talk about our relationship" I told him excited, He had the questioning look on his face. "No, no, no. I mean like, we could say our status playfully. "What actually is our status" Ian asked me with hopeful eyes.

I looked down. I know what I'm about to say is really going to affect him. I take a deep breath and I stare at the ground to avoid eye contact. "We're really..." I say as my voice cracks as I try to hold back my tears "just good friends" I stay looking at the ground. At the corner of my eye see Ian's head turn and know is also looking at the ground. Then its awkward silence. I take a big deep breath.

"Ian" I say when I find the guts to look at him. "Don't its fine" Ian says as I hear the crack in his voice. He's eyes were watery as mine also were. After he said that I closed my eyes with guilt and shame. And that's when the tear that I was trying so hard not to drop dropped. I blinked my eyes fastly to keep the rest from pouring down."Ian... I" I said as I wiped my face. "No its fine let's just get to work" Ian says turning back to me.

"I'll get pen and paper" I said as I got up off the couch and went into my room. As I entered my room I tried so hard to catch my breath. I can't believe that I said that to him. I know he still loves me. I don't him to break my heart or me to break his. We're better off friends right?

I grabbed the paper and two pens. I walked in and Ian was looking at me. I quickly looked down. "Don't look at me with those eyes" I told him playfully hitting his chest. My hands still laid on his chest and he covered my hands.

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