Chapter 15

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Lauren woke up the next morning alone. She called out Camila's name thinking she was in the bathroom. There was no answer so Lauren got out of her bed and went into her bathroom.

No Camila.

She went into the room that was getting decorated... Camila wasn't there.

She went through every room upstairs... She couldn't find Camila.

She went downstairs to look for Camila in the living room. There was no luck, so Lauren decided to look for Camila in the movie theatre. Yet again... Camila wasn't there.

Growing really concerned Lauren ran around the house looking for Camila, she stopped when she was in the kitchen and saw Camila sleeping on the floor.

Slowly, Lauren bent down towards Camila and gently shook her.

"Camz, baby, wake up?" Lauren spoke and was relieved when Camila opened her eyes.

"Morning Lo" Camila casually greeted as she rubbed her sore eyes.

"Shit Camz! What's wrong with your eyes?!" Lauren freaked out, "and why werent you in bed?"

"Oh, I was hungry and wanted brownies" Camila replied before freezing and looking Lauren in her eyes.... "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY BROWNIES! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" she shouted before breaking out into tears.

"Crap.... How about we get some brownies when we go shopping baby?"

"I want them noooooowww" Camila huffed as she aggressively stomped her leg on the floor as she crossed her arms.

"Let me see if we have any ingredients to make them then baby, you go sit down" Lauren told a hormonal Camila.

"Okay baby, I love you" Camila giggled as she happily walked to a chair.

Thankfully there was ingredients for Lauren to make Camila brownies. Lauren didn't even want to imagine what would happen if there wasn't any ingredients as to how Camila would act.

"Lolo, what would you do if our baby heard you keep on calling him nugget that somehow he magically turned into a nugget? Like I gave birth to a nugget?"

"Camz... I don't think that would happen"

"It might"

"I highly doubt it"

"Shut up Lauren, I'm pregnant with a nugget, not you, I know what's inside of me"

"A human Camz, not a nugget" Lauren giggled as she saw how concerned and confused Camila was.

"Do you think Chickens want baby humans? Like a chicken has an egg and expect a baby human to appear once the egg has cracked?"

"I don't think so Camz, but lets make the chicken experts think about that, not us" Lauren spoke as she kissed Camila's forehead.

"I love you Lauren... Even though you think we are having a girl... I cant feel the baby inside of me" she told Lauren before continuing with a whisper, "its a boy".

"How about we go to the doctors and check if they can tell us?"

"Nooooo! That will ruin the surprise baby!"

"I cant wait till we meet the little chicken, till we finally get to hold her in our arms" Lauren spoke with pride.

"Him" Camila teased Lauren.

"Lets get you changed from your pyjamas and go shopping for all our baby stuff soon" Lauren spoke as she placed the bowl of brownies in front of Camila (thankfully they didn't take long to cook).

"Lo? I kind of want to know the sex of the baby, like... I really want to find out now"

"We could arrange an appointment and find out?"

"No, I'll wait"

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'll sit pretty impatient till I meet the baby" Camila said as she rubbed her bump.

"You're really indecisive babe"

"I know, but... I've got brownies!" Camila giggled as she stuffed her face with a brownie.

"I'll phone the girls and check if they still want to come shopping with us, I mean, you're really... Emotional? Yeah emotional today"

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Camila screamed.

"It means I love you even when you freak out or cry or laugh at the simplest of things"

"Awww, my Lolo" Camila cooed as she shoved a brownie in Laurens mouth giggling as she heard Lauren giggle herself as she walked into another room to phone the girls.

Less than 2 minutes and Lauren was back.

"Okay so the girls have said that they booked a surprise for us, so they basically bought a couples spa and relax day. The shopping can wait until tomorrow" Lauren spoke and smiled once she saw Camila's eyes lit up.

"Lets go now Lolo! We can get a massage and face masks" Camila spoke with excitement, "can we go now?"

"Sure babe. Lets go"

Lauren helped Camila into the car and drove to the destination where Ally had told them to go, it was a beautiful building that looked well cared for and the two girls couldn't contain their excitement.

Whilst Lauren and Camila enjoyed their day of relaxation, Normani, Dinah and Ally were busy working and stressing out.

The three girls agreed to meet up at Ally's place and go to Laurens house.

Once the girls were all at Laurens house Ally opened the door of the house, earning a surprised look from Dinah.

"What? Lauren gave me a spare key?" Ally laughed as she looked at Dinah.

"We don't have one do we Mani, that's not fair!"

"Actually babe, I do" Normani replied

"The fuck is this shit? Why the fuck do I not have a key?" Dinah asked.

"Dinah, you would lose it straight away" Ally laughed as they all stood in Laurens home.

"Lets get us some drinks and wait until the delivery company comes" Normani spoke as she led the other two girls to the kitchen to get drinks as that waited.

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