For The First Time In Forever

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*Third Person POV*

Morning has dawned yet again, as every day, but it is not a normal day. It is to be the coronation of Princess Elsa. No one has seen her in very long, or her sister, Princess Anna.

Ships have been sailing into Arendelle all morning. "Welcome to Arendelle," the Dockmaster says graciously. He smiles at the arriving guests.

"Why do I have to wear this?" A young boy asks impatiently as his mother attempts to make him appear more fancy, more proper.

The mother sighs. "Because the Queen has come of age. It's coronation day!"

To which the little boy says more to himself than anyone else, "That's not my fault."

*Kristoff's POV* I look around at the kingdom coming to life more than any other day. Sven nudges me. "What do you want, Sven?" I ask.

Speaking for Sven as I always do, I say in a goofy voice, "Give me a snack!"

"What's the magic word?"


I pull a carrot out of my pocket and he tries to bite the whole thing. "Hey, hey, hey!" I say. "Share!" He allows me a bite and I chow down, also.

A commonly known couple, Persi and Aggie, walked by, chattering excitedly. "I can't believe they're finally opening up the gates!" Persi said animatedly.

"And for a whole day! Faster, Persi!"

And there on the dock was the menacing duke of Weaseltown. His two giant minions were behind him. "Ah, Arendelle, our most mysterious trade partner. Open those gates so I may exploit your riches." He looks surprised. "Did I just say that out loud?"

Other men and women, all foreign, walk past. "Oh, me sore eyes can't wait to see the Queen and the Princess. I bet they're absolutely lovely," and Irish man says.

"I bet they are beautiful," another man agreed.

*Anna's POV*

"Princess Anna...?"

I sit up with a start and cough. "Eww, what IS that?" I mutter as I pull some hair out of my mouth, sticky with drool. "...Huh? Yeah?"

"Sorry to wake you, ma'am, but--"

"No, you didn't,"I fibbed. "I've been up for hours..." I trail off, slipping back into slumber. Distantly I heard snoring. Was that me? Suddenly my head drooped and I woke again. "Who is it?"

"It's still me, ma'am. Time to get ready?"

Huh? "Ready for... what?" I asked tiredly.

"Your sister's coronation, ma'am."

I nodded vaguely. "My sisters corneration..." I yawned, my eyes opening afterward, and saw my coronation dress. "Coronation day! Haha!"

I rush through the doors, tying ribbons in my hair. I feel a song coming on... "The window is open, so's that door! I didn't know they did that anymore. Who knew we owned 8000 salad plates?" I slid around the ballroom just like always, wishing silently that Elsa were with me.

"For years I've roamed these empty halls. Why have a ballroom with no balls? Finally they're opening up the gates!" I need to practice people skills, I thought, and shook hands with an armor hand. Oops, I thought when it came off. Shhh....

"There'll be actual, real live people. It'll be totally strange. Wow am I so ready for this change!"

A window washer's swing was at a window, just WAITING for me. Wait, the ships! They're arriving! They're coming into view! "For the first time in forever, there'll be music, there'll be light. For the first time in forever, I'll be dancing through the night."

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