Chapter 28 - Car Park.

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Third Person's POV

Calum has been receiving this notes from the same girl that keeps on saying that a guy waiting outside gives them to her to give to the raven haired boy.

Why aren't you texting me? Please just text me cause I want to talk to you so much.

- D.

Are you doing well? I hope you are. Eat well, sleep and study. I missed you.

- D.

What time are you going home? I tried catching you up to get you home.

- D.

Hey. If you can, please write me notes too, I missed you.

- D.

Calum appreciates the letters really, they make him smile and his day seems to be completed every time he reads them.

Sometimes he even reads them twice or thrice to makes him smile when he's feeling sad or bored.

Don't be freaked out okay? I saw you today and I was just walking by your place, you look beautiful.

- D.

Calum would admit, he was freaked out when he saw that note but when he saw that the guy who wrote this said that he shouldn't freak out, he didn't.

Calum wants to know who is this D guy. Or is he a girl? Calum shook his head and stopped making problems on his mind.

He put the note in a small container and put it on his bag.

Once he get home, Calum settled his bag in the sofa, noticing Luke on the kitchen. 'Cal? Is that you?'

'Yeah! Are you cooking dinner?' Calum said and Luke said yes and asked if frozen pizza is good for dinner. Calum said yes and sat down the couch, scrolling on his phone.

'Dinner is ready.' Luke said once he heard the microwave dinged. Calum put his phone on the sofa and saw a bouquet of flowers. 'Another flowers?' Calum asked and Luke nodded. 'Should I put it in the vase?' Luke asked and Calum nodded. 'Uhm can you leave the note in the table?' Calum said and Luke pulled out the note and put it on the table.

Luke put on a plate of pizza beside him and pulled out prescription papers to give to his patients.

When he was about to write a letter, his pen stopped working. He was too tired to to upstairs to grab a pen. 'Cal do you have a pen? I'm too tired to go upstairs.' Luke said and Calum felt his pocket. 'Its on my bag.' Calum said and continued eating.

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