Chapter Twenty-Two

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Justin's POV

Brandon and I walked through the mahogany doors of the small café. The smell of coffee immediately hit my nose and I crinkled it. We both took a seat at an unoccupied table, waiting for a waiter.

"This is relaxing." Brandon sighed. I nodded, it was quite relaxing. I didn't have to worry about protecting my girl, or making sure people knew she was mine.

A perky brunette finally stumbled over to our table, a pencil obnoxiously being held behind her ear. She looked preppy, and it pissed me off.

"Hey what can I get you two?" She smiled. Her voice was high, making me cringe. Ever since I found Brooke every other girl in the world seemed annoying. Before Brooke I probably would have this girl strapped to my bed in no time.

Now I'd probably just suffocate her with her own shirt.

"I'll have an iced coffee." Brandon smiled politely.

My eyes flickered over the menu, until I saw a picture of some kind of caramel coloured drink with whipped cream.

"I'll have whatever that is." I pointed to it.

"Caramel Mocha Frappachino?" She confirmed. I carelessly shrugged and she walked away - well more like skipped.

"Are you rude to everyone or is it just a habit?" Brandon nagged. I rolled my eyes before opening my mouth.

"Look at her! She fucking looks like she just walked out of Sesame Street" I grumbled, making Brandon burst out in laughter.

"You're only saying that because she's not Brooke." He teased. I lightly smiled, rolling my eyes back.

"Your drinks," The girl came bounding back to our table. She placed the drink in front of me with a warm smile. I frowned at her, and she gave me a shocked look. She was probably one of those girls who had their heads too far up their asses, thinking every boy likes them.

Brandon sent her a smile and thanked her. She giggled - annoyingly - and twirled her hair around her finger. She leant her hip against the table, practically bending over Brandon.

"Can you leave already?" I groaned. She sent me a bitchy look, but I just glared at her. She huffed, and marched away from the table.

"Girls are so fucking annoying." I muttered.

"Lucky you got Brooke, eh? I'm sure she can be a handful but she sure isn't an annoying puss." Brandon acknowledged. I agreed, and took a sip of the drink.

"So I was speaking with Daniel yesterday and he thinks he may of found his claim." I started, pulling out my...father's journal from my jacket. "However, he got that dark feeling. And in the book it says the girl could possibly be his claim, but not his soul mate. Do you know what that means?" I already knew what it meant, but I always took the opportunity to educate my fellow members.

Brandon slowly grabbed the book from my hands, his fingers etching over the worlds as he re-read the neat font.

"Oh I see. So he could kidnap the girl, but she's not his soul mate. This sadly happens to a few people, but who knows, he may fall in love with this girl." Brandon explained.  "But, she will always make him feel that dark feeling. It's like a demon over powering your body. Your soul mate would never make you feel like that." He continued. I tapped my finger on my chin furrowing my brows.

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