More Searching. Part 55

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29th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I haven't had much to do with camping out anywhere except for the times when me and Jack camped out while fishing when i didn't want to go home and we stayed out in the tree house we made when we was kids. 

But I have to say that this particular camp out was rather quite wonderful considering where we were and who we were with I was thinking as I stretched out my arms and legs as I heard the sounds of life stirring around us outside of this little cocoon that Reid raced out to a shop and got for us. 

I could hear a giggle or two coming from some other tent close by and the sounds of the little one were familiar to me so I think it was safe to say that it was little Andy. I rolled over onto my back, or I tried to when i came up against a hard chest. 

A moment later, I felt a heavy arm drop around me and pull me closer to the chest belonging to Reid. 

" Good morning Mrs Joifield." I heard Reid murmur behind me since he pulled me against him and was now curled around me from behind. 

" Good morning back to you Mr Joifield." I said back at him with a smile he couldn't see. 

" Didn't think we would be spending our wedding night in a tent in someone's yard with a hundred or so relatives doing the same thing, did you?" He murmured to me with a smile as I glanced at him over my shoulder to see his head resting on his hand while leaning on his elbow looking down at me. 

" No, I didn't. It was the furthest thing from my mind I admit." I said to him as I wiggled a little to lay on my back and look up at him with a smile. 

His hand was resting across my waist and I could feel the gentle movement of his fingers lightly brushing across me as his hand neared the under curve of my breasts.

Then he leaned down and gave me what could only be called a sweet and gentle kiss good morning. 

" Gamma. Gamma, Gamma." We heard which pulled our attention away from each other as we looked toward the zipped door of the tent to see little Andy plastered up against it with his mouth open as he drooled baby noises through it, sort of. 

" Shhh. Let's leave Poppa and Gamma alone for a bit." We heard Jack whisper to his son. 

" No. Want Gamma. Want Gamma now." He yelled very loudly at his father which had me and Reid cover our mouths as we tried not to laugh even the littlest bit which would let them know that we were awake. 

" I want Gamma more." I heard Reid whisper very quietly into my ear as I felt his hand move up and over my breasts. 

Sneaky man. 

It was over half an hour before both Reid and I made an appearance. It was about the same time that Jaxon and Barb made theirs too, only they were a bit red in the face at the bit of teasing the younger couple received from everyone. 

" Gamma." Called out a very excited Andy the moment I walked through the door which had a few laughs burst out from various members of the family. I just walked over to the lad and plucked him from his father's arms and gave him some cuddling along with a few tickles before his Poppa came and swooped him from my arms.

I guess he could tell that the boys weight was getting to be a bit.

" Who would have thought that we would have two separate couples get married and spend their wedding nights here on the farm with all the family around them?" We heard one such person call out in a very amused voice as we all made our appearance together coming into the kitchen of the house saying good morning to those we passed along the way. 

" Yeah. It's not everyday we not only get to have our yearly celebration together but also have one of our close own get married along with someone we didn't know was related to us all two months ago. Isn't it great?" I think it was Bobby who called that one out. 

" Not as exciting as seeing you and uncle Jarrod get born. We certainly were not expecting that one to come along." I think it was one of Micah's kids who called that one out. 

" All right you lot. Settle yourselves down and give the couples a break. They are still getting used to us you know. We don't want to scare them off now would we? They just got here." Joy was then looking around with one of those stern looks she has when giving someone a lecture. 

" I have been around for a while, thank you very much. So I'm used to you all." Jaxon said as he went over and poured a cup of tea for Barb who looked like she had a satisfied, yet nervous look on her face for some reason.

Then we watched at Jaxon neared her, lightly touching her on the shoulder and even the ear once before he moved back away from her slightly. He too had some kind of satisfied look on his face too. One that was also somewhat possessive. It made me wonder just how close the two of them got last night. But then, it is none of my business anyway. 

Nor anyone else's now. 

Anyway. Jarrod said that John had taken the last film they found into town and when he gets back, we'll see whether or not is it for family viewing before we actually play this one. 

Everyone is still a bit stunned with having Barb being proved to be a grandchild of both Violet and George Roberts. Jaxon and Barb will be coming back to America when we go back and the two of them will be checking out all of Barb's family things that were kept in storage to find out what information they can get on her mother. 

With so many twists in this family, it's amazing that none of us have headaches or migraines with all the head turning we have been doing over the past month when we found out that Reid was a Joifield. Or I mean, is a Joifield. 

The Kingsley's are having a wonderful time here with us but they mentioned that there job was done. They saw us married and it was time for them to go home. Then Brian and Jess said the same thing to us as well. They wanted to go home. They went on to thank us both very much for the invitation to come with us. But they missed home and I don't blame them either. 

Back home, we can get some first hand investigating done with this intriguing family of ours. There was so much more searching to be done. 

So it was that later that day, Reid and I drove the other couples back to the motel where we picked up their prepacked luggage and then drove to the airport where we waited with them to catch a connected flight to Sydney before another plane back to Portland. Jess said they'll hire a car to take them home the rest of the way. But The Judge and Roger said they'll be parting ways at Portland to catch their own flight across to Philadelphia. 

Bella wanted to know if she can stay with us instead of going back just yet. 

" There are plenty of hands to help her if needed. So she's welcomed to stay with us. Plus, we would like it if you gave up your motel and stayed here with us for the duration." Donna went on to say to us with a smile as she and Teddy where having their morning cuppa's by the look of it. 

So that's what happened. We refused to be reimbursed from May about the motel since it was so sudden. But by the end of the day. Aunty Pat, Jack and his little family along with Reid, Bella and myself were all then transferred out here to Teddy's place to be a part of the whole family experience. 

Of course when John came home with Daniel, who we found earlier who went with his father, that the look on his face was a little said if that was how I could describe it. When he spoke once all the kids were out of hearing, he told us why. 

" The film has what looks like a hospital scene in it. From that accident that May mentioned last night we believe. If that's the case, I don't want to allow the younger ones to watch it yet." He said which had the others also look sad too. 

" All right then. But once they are all down for the night. I want to see it." Joy said in her no nonsense voice. I noticed that Barb was also watching what was happening and nodding along with a few others.

I'm sure there might be some answers in this new film. 

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