Stronger than you, Papyrus version

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Your all fighting, so serious
what I think you all need is to chill ur bones there's no one better!
Time to bring some jovial chatter!

Time fight me if you think you're tough
I'll roll up my bones and show u I get rough!
broke out but now you're boned
let's see how you like blue mode!

You can solve my puzzles if you think you're able
if you want we can stop and have some NOODLES
sans tells me my puzzles aren't fatal
but one day he well be telling my fable!

Come back to my room, We'll play together!
you can ride my bed and wear my sweaters
my milky puns are very clever
and if u challenge me your bones will shiver

No need for L.O.V.E lo-o-o-ove lo-o-o-ove lo-o-o-ove
We can laugh together!
Nyehehehe nyehehehe

So tell me what'cha want!
Don't stand there like a log...!
Your piercing eyes are cutting through me, even in this fog...!

Sans tells me you're a monster
But inside you must be great!
Inside my heart in another world,
I see both of us at play!

You come at me with a murderous ambition,
But I don't feel like that's your intention!
I'm a skeleton of joy and I know it's true
There is a reason we all came to meet you!

There's time for a change, a shift of weather!
You can make your heart feel so much better!
We could be buddies, we could be comrades
No need to lose your head...!

No need for L.O.V.E  lo-o-o-ove  lo-o-o-ove  lo-o-o-ove

We need each other!

lo-o-o-ove  lo-o-o-ove  lo-o-o-ove

Nyehehehe hehehehe

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