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Mark and Jack were in there house, there youngest daughter Cat sitting on the floor watching her older twin brothers play videos games. Mark stands up and pulls Jack with him. Jack looked at mark but let him get dragged along. He pulled him to the hallway pinning him to the wall and saying
"Hay Mr.Irish why don't you come over here and give me some of that lucky."Jack blushes and smiles trying to hide his blush. Mark pulls Jack closer grining and kisses Jack. Then they head a small voice say 'Hey mama Jack daddy Mark I'm getting tired" Cat said sleepily. Then her oldest brother Tim called her "Hey Cat wanna go play the last guardian and theres cake in the kitchen!" "Ya cake!" And she runs off. As Cat left the room Mark pulled Jack up stairs and to there room and sat down setting him on top of him straddling him. Marks says "come hear so I can taste your sweet lucky charms baby." Sean blushes so hard it would put a tomato to shame. Then leans in to kiss Mark on the lips, mark does the same meating him half way. Mark licks jacks bottom lip asking for entrance getting it eagerly. There make out session starts to get heated and then Jack starts moaning slightly and mark slips his hands into his shirt feeling his sides and pulling it with him taking it off. Mark then starts sucking and nipping at jacks neck. "M-Mark what about the kids?" Jack asks as Mark switched there positions pinning Jack to the bed, "what about them babe?" Mark then started kissing up from jacks stomach to his nipples slowly lightly nipping as he does.

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