One - Free

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I ruffled through my black hair, brows furrowed. My face was stained with tears. I had been crying for quite some time, my girlfriend of two years just left me for some other wealthy man. I'm confused as to why she left me. My brother, Michael, and I were wealthy, I've given her everything she could've asked for. I could give her the whole world.. But she was gone. I thought she was happy with our relationship, I thought wrong. How stupid of me. I gulped down some liquor, as much as my body could handle. This lasted for hours, until I felt the need to get out of my house. I needed to take a walk, but what I really needed to do is go lie down and rest. I got up out of my chair, and went outside. I stumbled down the steps of the stairs. Once I reached the end, I fell flat on my face. 'Drunk fuck.' I thought to myself. I got up and stumbled across the sidewalk.
I wanted to leave everything. I wanted to start over. This girl has ruined me. I've ruined myself with alcohol and hours of crying. I'm better than this. I'm smart to not let this girl ruin me. I've walked about four blocks away from my house when I hear someone screaming bloody murder. My curious mind wanted to see what the commotion was, but every good part of me said to go back to my home. My curiosity got the best of me.. I had to see it. I walked quietly to where I heard the screams. I peeped my head around the corner of the building and what I saw is something I'll never forget. A man was slashing open a woman's guts. It was unbearable to watch, but my eyes were stuck. Her body was almost impossible to identify, but the long brunette hair and feminine clothing were identifiable. You could not recognize her features, but the man slashing her open kept stabbing and stabbing. There was blood everywhere. I retreated the scene, but bumped into something behind me, knocking over objects in the process.
'Shit.' I muttered to myself. I was caught. I was fucking caught.
"Who's fucking there?" The man called behind the corner. I got up and ran as fast as my body could go. But the man was faster than me. By the time I was three blocks away from the murder scene, seven blocks from my house, the man tackled me onto the ground. I tried to fight him. Biting, hitting, I was doing everything to protect myself. The man seemed to show no emotions, he didn't even wince when I bit him. He was on top of me. He flipped me over and scanned my face. I was kicking and hitting him as much as I could.
"Well, well, well. Mr. Way, why are you outside at this time of night?" He shot me a nasty grin before I spat on his face. His expression turned horrid. He took out his knife. I wiggled and tried to hit him. I wanted to live. This isn't how I wanted to die. His knife thrusted into my stomach. I was in so much pain, I screamed and yelled but, fuck, no one was going to help me. Everyone was asleep. It was pointless. I'm going to die. He took the knife out and grinned at the gore. Then his knife entered my body again, and again, and again. It seemed like forever had passed by. The man fled away and left me for dead in the middle of the street. This is it. I'm going to bleed out and die. That's fucking it. Why did I have to go outside? Why did I have to stay and watch the murder? Why didn't I just stay at my house with my thoughts? I hate myself. I'm going to die, and it's my fault. Finally, after what seemed like forever, my vision began to fade. The pain had gone away. Black dots started to appear. After a couple of minutes, my vision faded. Was I free now? Free from this painful world? I was excited, yet somber. I felt nothing. My thoughts faded, and everything became quiet. Everything felt.. peaceful. Something I haven't felt since I was a child. Like being content. This was how this felt. My life flashed before my eyes. My first birthday, my first best friend. My first fight with my brother. My first kiss. My first heart break. My first sketch book and stories. All the events that made me, me. Everything that led up to this night. This was the end of Gerard Arthur Way. I died a horrible death, but I was free.

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