Chapter 1

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Lost -
lôst, läst

unable to find the way

Settlement comes with knowledge that you're positioned.

Amari knew she couldn't run from the truth but yet she kept running. He was desperately chasing her for the truth but she found it hard to open her mouth and say she had -

"Vernell." Dad came into my room.

"Yes daddy." I looked up and put my pencil down.

"Can I talk to you?" He asked.

"Daddy you already know this." I playfully rolled my eyes.

"Just making sure that I don't have a bad rep with my favorite girl in the world." He smirked.

He came in and sat on the bed.

"Did you and Amaya have fun at the Poetry Lounge?" He asked.

"Yes dad. Oh my God, Elizabeth Alexander just showed up. She freestyled a poem for us. It was from the top of her head. It was so cool." I bounced on the bed and dad fell off.

"Aye, I'm still here. Did you forget that? " He asked.

"Sorry." I laughed.

"I always fall for that. This is like the third time this month." He shook his head.

"I think you like falling off the bed." I laughed more and he smacked his teeth getting back up.

"Well I see you had fun." He dusted off his pants before sitting back on the bed.

I was about to bounce again but he cut his eyes at me and I laughed. "Ok ok."

"Dad can we go to the museum this weekend? I heard they got a new exhibit and it's on the history of poetry?" I beamed at him.

"I can't caterpillar. I have an important business trip tomorrow to Oakland." He looked at me with sad eyes.

"Oh." I said disappointed.

Daddy and I always had father-daughter time on the weekends. He let's me choose where we go or sometimes we'll just stay in and cook or watch a movie.

"Vernell don't do that. I wish I could move it but it's an emergency or we might lose a company. And besides I'm taking you with me."

"Daddy." I whined.

"I know sweetheart but I promise after 2 pm on Saturday, I'm all yours."

"Ok but daddy it's so last minute. Do you know how many bags I have to pack?" I complained.

"We're only going to be there for two days."

"Two days!" I semi shrieked and He rolled his eyes causing my lips to form a pout.

"You can always stay with Auntie Fiona." He suggested.

"Really. You're going to leave me here....... in Los Angeles.... ALLLL BY MYSELF." I sighed making sure to over exaggerate and add emphasis.

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