Colby's Fault?

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Savannah's POV

"Colby... you said she wouldn't do anything." I coughed, pain scorching through my throat.

"Savannah! Oh god!" I heard Reed's voice ringing in the air.

That's the last thing I heard before my vision went black.

Colby's POV

"What! Sam and I will be there quickly!" I shouted through my phone.

I quickly hung up on Reed and ran to Sam's room.

"Sam we've got to go to the hospital! I'll call Devin and tell him to come watch EB while we're gone, but we've got to go now!"

(Horrible transition to hospital)

I didn't want to go into her room.

This was all my fault.

I promised her that Veronica wouldn't hurt her.

I failed.

"Colby! Snap out of it." Sam yelled as he slapped me across the face.

"Ow! What the hell?!" I exclaimed placing my hand on my presumably red cheek.

"You need to go in there. The doctors are saying that she might not make it. So you need to be in there with her."

I shake my head. "I can't. I can't face her like this."

"Damnit Colby! Quit being a baby!" Sam shouts pushing me through the door to Savannah's room.

I glare at Sam, but walk over to the hospital bed.

Savannah's face was bruised and cut, like she'd been in a nasty car wreck.

Tears started to stream down my face as I stared at her lifeless body. I grabbed her hand in mine, giving it a squeeze.

"I... I never realized this... Savy... I... I'm such an idiot." I whispered to... to...

The Girl of My Dreams.

"I love you Savannah! I fucking love you! And I'm stupid enough to say this when you're on the verge of death. I should have protected you. I should have been there with you. But I wasn't. You're here because of me. You're battling death because of me. And I'm so sorry! Sorry doesn't even cut how sorry I am. Please Savannah. Hang on for Reed... hang on for Elizabeth... hang on for me."

I laid my forehead against the edge of the bed. The steady beeps from the machines being the only thing to prove my mistake. My horrible mistake.

I'm so sorry Savannah.

Suddenly the door burst open and I quickly stood up from my seat.

Reed was standing in front of me, his fists clenched tightly at his sides

"You did this! This is all your fault!"

Reed swung his fist toward my face and I closed my eyes waiting for the impact.

I deserved this.

Reed's fist connected with my cheek and I was flung to the side from the force behind his punch.

I hit my head on the wall.

I looked back at Reed and held my head where the wall hit me.

"I'm so sorry. I deserve everything coming my way."

"You could've done something Colby! You could have prevented this from happening. But what did you do?! You left it! You left it alone! For what reason?! Why did you do this to her?! She never got to live her dream. Because of you. Just leave Colby. It'd be best for you and I... not to see each other."

"But Reed... I-"

"Colby! Get lost now! Before I do something I'll regret!"

I understood Reed's position. His little sister was lying there on the brink of death.

Because of me.

Will this be goodbye?

The Girl of My Dreams... gone?


(You'll see in the next chapter.)

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