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the story of jeff the killer

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Jeff and his family had just moved into a new neighborhood. His dad had gotten a promotion at work, and they thought it would be best to live in one of those “fancy” neighborhoods. Jeff and his brother Liu couldn’t complain though. A new, better house. What was not to love? As they were getting unpacked, one of their neighbors came by.

“Hello,” she said, “I’m Barbera; I live across the street from you. Well, I just wanted to introduce my self and to introduce my son.” She turns around and calls her son over. “Billy, these are our new neighbors.” Billy said hi and ran back to play in his yard.

“Well,” said Jeff’s mom, “I’m Margaret, and this is my husband Peter, and my two sons, Jeff and Liu.” They each introduced themselves, and then Barbera invited them to her son’s birthday. Jeff and his brother were about to object, when their mother says that they would love to. When Jeff and his family are done packing, Jeff goes up to his mom.

“Mom, why would you invite us to some kid’s party? If you haven’t noticed, I’m not some dumb kid.”

“Jeff,” says his mother, “We just moved here; we should show that we want to spend time with our neighbors. Now, we’re going to that party, and that’s final.” Jeff starts to talk, but stops himself, knowing that he can’t do anything. Whenever his mom says something, it’s final. He walks up to his room and plops down on his bed. He sits there looking at his ceiling when suddenly, he gets a weird feeling. Not so much a pain, but… a weird feeling. He dismisses it as just some random feeling. He hears his mother call him down to get his stuff, and he walks down to get it.

The next day, Jeff walks down stairs to get breakfast and gets ready for school. As he sat there, eating his breakfast, he once again got that feeling. This time it was stronger. It gave him a slight tugging pain, but he once again dismissed it. As he and Liu finished breakfast, they walked down to the bus stop. They sat there waiting for the bus, and then, all of a sudden, some kid on a skateboard jumps over them, only inches above their laps. They both jump back in surprise. “Hey, what the hell?”

The kid landed and turned back to them. He kicked his skate board up and caught it with his hands. The kid seems to be about twelve; one year younger than Jeff. He wears a Aeropostale shirt and ripped blue jeans.

“Well, well, well. It looks like we got some new meat.” Suddenly, two other kids appear. One is super skinny and the other is huge. “Well, since you’re new here, I’d like to introduce ourselves, over there is Keith.” Jeff and Liu look over to the skinny kid. He has a dopey face that you would expect a sidekick to have. “And he’s Troy.” They look over at the fat kid. Talk about a tub of lard. This kid looks like he hasn’t exercised since he was crawling.

“And I,” says the kid, "Am Randy. Now, for all the kids in this neighborhood there is a small price for bus fare, if you catch my drift. Liu stands up, ready to punch the lights out of the kid’s eyes when his two friends pull a knife up at him. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, I had hoped you would be more cooperative, but it seems we must do this the hard way.” The kid walks up to Liu and takes his wallet out of his pocket. Jeff gets that feeling again. Now, it’s truly strong; a burning sensation. He stands up, but Liu gestures him to sit down. Jeff ignores it and walks up to the kid.

“Listen here you little punk, give back my bro’s wallet or else.” Randy puts the wallet in his pocket and pulls a knife.

“Oh? And what will you do?” Just as he finishes the sentence, Jeff pops the kid in the nose. As the kid reaches for his face, Jeff grabs the kid’s wrists and breaks it. Randy screams and Jeff grabs the knife from his hand. Troy and Keith rush Jeff, but Jeff is too quick. He throws Randy to the ground. Keith lashes out at him, but Jeff ducks and stabs him in the arm. Keith drops his knife and falls to the ground screaming. Troy rushes him too, but Jeff doesn’t even need the knife. He just punches Troy straight in the stomach and he goes down. As he falls, he pukes all over. Liu can do nothing but look in amazement at Jeff.

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