Victor Nikiforov (YOI) (Angst)

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Note: You are Yuuri's big brother and has the same ages as Victor.
You know how to skate but your sports is swimming.
Your also a professional swimmer.


Second Persons POV

You tie your shoes quietly in the corner while your little brother and Victor was standing up to wait for you.

You glance at them to see Victor smiling happily at Yuuri while he tell him something. You look at the ground and sigh, you see a white puff of air and look at the sky.

It was the end of December and it was still snowing, you got up glance at them and they look at you.

"You ready now, Nii-san?" Yuuri asked. You nod and the three of you starts jogging again.

The three of you jog quietly, liking the peaceful silence you close your eyes and opened it afterwards when you feel the cold breeze hit your face. You look in front of you to see Victor glancing at your form but he quickly avoid your lingering (E/C) eyes when he notice you are looking at him.

Your sad eyes just look in the ground as you slow your jogging until you stop and look at them. They still jog not noticing you stops.

Bringing your bare hands to your mouth, you blow a hot air then removed it while rubbing both of your hand. Your nose, cheeks, and ears are rosy pink because of the cold wheatear.

You get your mp3 and your earphones in your pocket, put the bubs in your ears and start the music. You turned your back towards the way Victor and Yuri run to.

(Can you guess the song? 😉)

"Times like this
I wish I've never existed
Nobody wants to listen
I'm screaming out for help"

You sigh in bliss as you start walking towards the ice skating rink.

"Times like this
I wish that I could let go
And open up a window
Free to be myself
Then there's you
Standing over me
Tryna make a fool of me
Tryna get the best of me (Oh)
Then there's you
Tryna shut me out
Tryna kick me when I'm down
That ain't gonna stop me now (No)"

You starts to sing along with the song, and look at the now snow falling in the dark grey sky.

"How does it feel? To know that I don't care at all
Your words don't mean a thing at all
I choose to rise, you choose to fall
How does it feel? To know that I am capable of more than you will ever know."

'I promise that I will always love you, (Y/N).'

'How can you say that, Victor? I know you love my brother and not me...'

'...I- (Y/N) I love you, I really do!'

'That's enough. And Please, Victor...Stop...'

"Eh, Why did I suddenly think of that?" You emotionlessly asked yourself as your (S/C) pale hands clutch the cloth in your heart.

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