CHAPTER 62: "Yes" No.

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[Jade's POV]

Celinne is such a sweet girl. She reminds me a lot of Maya, phisically and somehow psychologically.

-"You're lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend. And she's lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend too", I said.

-"Yeah, thanks", he chuckled.

-"Is she from America?", I asked. Her accent was just slightly thick, but it seemed like it wasn't her natural accent.

-"Uh... Yeah", Stuart said.

-"Where does she come from?", I asked.

-"We've only been dating for a couple of days. Stop being so nosey", he fired back.

-"I'm sorry", I whispered and sunk into the car seat.

-"No, I'm sorry. I was just a little nervous, you know", he said a few seconds later. He sighed and focused his eyes on the wet streets.

I stayed silent and played with a matching bracelet I shared with Harry, and admired how the raindrops fell on the windshield and slid down like bugs.

I took my phone out of my pocket and decided to send Harry a text.

to Harryㅡ I miss you. Maybe too much xxㅡ

A few minutes later, the building was visible.

Stuart drove into the parking lot and parked his car.

-"Again, I'm sorry for snapping like that", Stuart said as we got out of the car.

-"It's okay. I was being too nosey anyway", I said.

-"No Jade. I wasn't thinking", he said.

-"It's no big deal Stuart. It's okay", I said.

-"Okay", he said after a short while.

We went up the elevator and Stuart got down on the sixth floor.

-"See you tomorrow I guess?", he asked as he walked out.

-"Sure", I smiled.

-"Okay. Bye then", he said, shoving his left hand in his pocket and waving his right hand at me.

-"See you", I said, and the elevator closed.

It started to ascend untill it finally opened, and I walked towards my apartment and unlocked the door.

-"I feel lonely", I sighed to myself.

I turned on the TV and saw a man yodeling. After watching for a while, I decided to see if my singing talents also incuded successful yodeling.

-"Yodelay hee hoo!", I yodelled and laughed at myself. I was pathetic.

After many ridiculous attempts, I gave up and changed the channel.

-"So you're happy?", an interviewer had asked Harry.

-"Yes. Very happy, I couldn't be any happier to be honest.", he said.

Is he talking about me? Us?

-"And you Zayn? How is your relationship with Perrie Edwards? Both are from Little Mix right?", the interviewer asked.

-"Yes", he said.

-"How is she? How are you two?", she asked.

-"Yeah... We're fine, we're cool", he chuckled.

They kept talking about their relationships and about their plans for the tour.

After a while, the interview was over and some documental about the Kardashians came up on the screen.

I watched it for a while untill I heard a short ring on my phone, announcing a text.

I unlocked my phone and read the text from Harry.

to Jadeㅡ I miss you more babygirl. Just had an interview and going straight to perform. The hickey's gone and I really need one from youㅡ

I chuckled and quickly typed down a response.

to Harryㅡ I'll give you lots of hickeys for you to take for the rest of the tour babyboy ;) You'll just have to wait a couple of months ㅡ

to Jadeㅡ Thanks for making me miss you even more. -.- What do I do now? ㅡ

to Harryㅡ Have fun babe xo ㅡ

to Jadeㅡ uuurrgghhhh ㅡ

I laughed and we texted each other for a long while.


The day went by, bloody slowly, and I spent it watching films I've already seen and ordering pizza.

I was wrapped in a blanket and looked like E.T, and probably looked like a monster.

I heard my doorbell and groaned. I was in such a comfortable position!

-"Who is it?", I called.

-"Oh my God!", I heard girls squealing.

I frowned and got up from my seat. I sighed and pouted; I already miss the comfy sofa. I stretched and heard my crunchy spine and peeked through the peep hole and saw girls wearing 1D t-shirts and holding up little posters that said something about Little Mix.

-"Hold on a second!", I said. I ran to the bathroom and put my hair up in a messy bun. Not in purpose, but because my hair was way too messy and tangled to be brushed.

I groaned again as I washed my face and put on mascara. I was lucky enough to be successful with that one, or else I would probably have a bigger eye than the other one.

I straightened Harry's shirt (I was wearing it because... I'm obsessed with his scent) and walked back to the door.

I unlocked it and opened it to find girls squealing and running in their spot.

-"Hi Jade! Oh my God you actually opened the door this is so awesome!", one of them screamed.

-"Hi", I smiled, waving at them.

-"You're so pretty, I love you so much", the other one said. They were three.

-"Thank you girls, but how did you find our apartment?", I asked.

-"We were on tumblr and we found an address that supposedly was yours and Harry's house so we came here and oh my goodness", she said and started to cry.

It doesn't surprise me that someone actually discovered our address. Nowadays fans can hack into security cameras in Juice Stores just to see my man getting a juice.

-"Don't cry darling", I said and welcomed her into a hug.

-"You're so amazing. You're so nice Jade. Oh my God.", the third girl said, wrapping her arms around me and creating a group hug.

I chuckled and caressed their hair.

-"Would you like to come in and share a pizza?", I asked and immediately regretted it. Why did I say that? Now everyone will probably ring on my door to come and eat.

Thumbs up Jade Thirlwall! Way to go!

-"Seriously?!", the girl said.

-"Yes", No.

-"No way!", they cheered.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I moved aside and let them in.

The mini table was a bit dirty and messy but the rest was so clean that you could probably see your own reflection on the furnitures. Maybe.

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