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"Hyung! We have to go to dance practice then our individual interviews today, let go of me and let's go!" Jimin shouted as soon as he woke up in bed with his boyfriend's wrapped around him like a sloth.

"I don't wanna. I have a bad feeling about today." Yoongi groaned.

"You never want to. Come on, hyung. Get your ass off me."

"My ass ain't on you."

"Shut up."

At that moment, Seokjin rushed through the door into the room, "Yah! Lazy asses! Get the fuck up! We need to go!"

Yoongi sat up, "Fuckkk..."

Jimin yawned and got up, "Alright hyung. Yoongi hyung just wouldn't get off of me."

Jin nodded, "I can see that."


Once their dance practice was over, Jimin pecked Yoongi's lips, "Hyung, I'm the first to go to the interview. It's at a cafe..."

Yoongi nodded, "Alright. Be safe."

Jimin smiled, "I will be." And with that, he left the dance studio and went onto his way to the cafe.

About an hour later, Yoongi was in his studio trying to make music. All of a sudden, his phone rang.

"Shit." Yoongi rolled his eyes and answered it, "Hello?"

"Hyung!" Jimin yelled from the other end of the phone.

"Jimin?! Are you okay?!" Yoongi panicked from Jimin's voice.

"No! A fire started while I was here, I don't know how to get out, hyung. Please... come save me." Yoongi could hear Jimin crying on the other end.

"Call 119! I'll be there soon!" Yoongi hung up, rushing to the cafe.

When he arrived there, the building was up in flames.

"Jimin! Park Jimin!" Yoongi ran up to the door but a fireman stopped him, "Sir, you can't go in there."

"Was anyone in there?! Please, tell me."

"Only one person seemed to be trapped in there. Park Jimin was his name. He's on the way to the hospital now." The fireman said.

Tears formed into Yoongi's eyes as he ran to the hospital.

When he got there, he immediately found out Jimin's room and went in there.

"Sir, I'm sorry but you can't come in here now."

"I don't give a fuck! How is Jimin doing? Please say he's fine."

At that very moment, a beep rang through the room. A long beep.

Yoongi's eyes widened, "Jimin!"

A couple nurses forced Yoongi out of the room as more nurses came and filled the room.

Jimin... was dead.


It's been a week since Jimin's funeral.

Jimin's death surprisingly hadn't been made public yet. Not even his own parents knew.

But Yoongi did. He witnessed it.

"Why hasn't Jimin's death been made public yet?" Yoongi asked out loud at the breakfast table, "And why are we still having a fucking schedule and not taking a break?"

"Calm down, hyung. We're all torn apart because of his death. I know you guys were dating and you probably really want time to rest, but Taehyung didn't get time to rest when his own family member died. What makes you think that you'll get rest when your boyfriend died?" Namjoon stated.

"Maybe the fact that he's part of the band! And now he's dead."

"But nobody knows except for us and the staff. That's why we aren't taking a break." Jin spoke.

"And why don't they know?"

"I think Bang pdnim said something about a surprise." Taehyung said with food in his mouth.

"Surprise? Oh yeah! He did say that!" Hoseok nodded.

"What kind of surprise?" Jungkook asked and Yoongi nodded in agreement.

"'Guys! Come to the meeting room after your done eating! Your surprise is ready!' Is the text message I just got from Bang pdnim." Namjoon said.

After the six were done eating, they did as they were told and went to the meeting room.

"I'm glad you guys are here. There will be a new/old member joining BTS so BTS can stick as a seven member band." Bang pdnim smiled.

"New/old member? Ah! You mean a trainee we used to be with before we debuted?" Namjoon asked.

"Fuck a new member. I only want Jimin back." Yoongi mumbled.

"And that's exactly what you're getting!" Bang pdnim shouted, "Park Jimin, come on in!"

The door opened and a boy who looked exactly like Jimin walked in.

"Introduce yourself."

"I'm Park Jimin. A robot created just for BTS. A robot created for the entertainment business." Jimin said in a monotone voice.

"Robot? You want us to perform with a robot?" Jungkook scoffed.

"Watch your attitude. And yes. This is why we didn't make the news public. Because this robot is taking the place of Jimin."

"Jimin wasn't an object. He can't be replaced." Yoongi sneered.

"Think of me as the real Jimin and the old Jimin fake." The new Jimin stated.

Yoongi scoffed and rolled his eyes. He then got up and faced Jimin directly, eyeing him, "You're just a robot who can't feel a thing. You're only made for show business. " Then he paused for a bit, "You aren't the real Jimin."

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