Turner Returns

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My alarm goes off at 11 and I startle awake. I don't even remember falling back to sleep, but I must have. My light is still on, but I turn the alarm off. I can't remember any dreams after the one that woke me up, and even that one seems a little fuzzy right now.

I remember last night, and the whole conversation with Xavier and thinking he's a vampire. It all seems ultra silly in the light of day. I get up and get ready for school. Hopefully Latham will be home on time so I can get to my class a little early.

I've showered, dressed and finished my homework as Lathe walks in and throws me the keys. "I've thought about our conversation last night," he tells me. "We can talk about it when you get home from school tonight, okay?"

"Yeah, sure. It all seems so stupid in the cold hard light of day," I try to joke.

"Just be careful. You should be okay in the daylight, but get home quick. I have a date with Beth tonight, but I think I'll cancel until we can figure out what's going on."

A stab of guilt shoots through my chest, "No, don't do that. I told you this is all ridiculous."

"We'll see."

I rush out the door and head to school. Beth meets me in the hall outside class and she starts in right away gushing about Latham, and how much they have in common, and on and on and on. I tune her out to some extent and try to focus on the lecture. When I get home Turner's car is in the driveway, and I feel guilty. I'm not sure how I'm going to face him, and should I tell him about everything that's happened?

I walk in and he and Latham are sitting in the family room talking and watching the afternoon court dramas. Turner gets up as I walk in and envelopes me in a huge hug that I half-heartedly return.

"God, I missed you," he whispers in my ear as he kisses me deeply.

"I missed you, too," I tell him back. I pull out of his embrace and get a drink and sandwich makings out of the fridge. "Want something?"

"I'm good. What's up? You seem a little funny."

I mentally shake myself and pull a smile from somewhere deep inside to flash at him, "Don't be silly! I'm fine. I'm just hungry. How's your aunt and cousins?" I flash a glance at Latham who is busy watching me, but keeping quiet.

Turner sits at the breakfast bar and starts telling me all about his trip and the drive home. He's so uncomplicated that I feel a warm spot start to swell in my chest. How could I have kissed Xavier!? Even if he's not a vampire, I've still crossed a line I swore I'd never cross and it may potentially hurt this sweet, wonderful man sitting in front of me.

Latham walks over and interrupts, "I guess we can talk later, sis, I'm going to head to Beth's. You going to be okay?"

Turner looks at him weird, then at me, "Yeah, we'll be good. Turner and I'll probably meet you guys out. Where're you going?"

"We're going to head over to Archer's in Swedenburgh, then bowling, but we can stay closer to home if you want."

"No, we'll meet you guys at the bowling alley in an hour and a half." I look at Turner, "That is, if you don't mind."

He has a confused look on his face as he looks back and forth between us. We've never doubled with Latham before, and I'm betting he has other plans for his first night back, but he says, "No, it's good. We'll meet at the alley in Swedenburgh."

Lathe takes off and I sit next to Turner and eat my sandwich. He's staring at me, but I just don't know what to say to him.

Finally he clears his throat, "It feels like I've missed something. What's going on Lacey?"

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