Chapter 14

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"I swear to god you two are so childish!" Lauren screamed.

"Hate to break it to you babe... You're having a kid, so basically we're training you" Lucy smirked.

"So basically, we deserve a 'thank you' not getting screamed at" Ally teased as she winked at Lauren.

"Okay, I apologise, but seriously, you guys were having a paint fight!"

"You're just jealous because you weren't involved in it" Lucy teased.

"Whatever, I hope Mani is okay with Camz and Dinah" Lauren spoke as Ally agreed.

"You made Normani go with Dinah and Camila? Aren't Dinah and Camila like best friends? Wont that go insane together?"

"Yep" Ally laughed as she saw Lucy's eyes widen.

"I know from the stories you all spoke of Camila and Dinah how insane they were together, so poor Mani!"

"She'll be fine, she has Dinah whipped" Lauren smirked.

"Wait a second, Camila has you whipped Lauren!" Ally truthfully spoke as Lucy looked on.

"I want to see cute Camren moments. Especially if what Ally just said is true" Lucy joined in as Lauren blushed.

"Oh it is true, like for real, they'd be days Lauren would be so quiet if Camila didn't message her, and then if we spoke Camila's name, Lauren would instantly smile" Ally informed Lucy.

"Im glad you got your girl back Lo" Lucy smiled at Lauren as she put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it encouragingly.

"Im glad I've got her back too, I'm glad I've got you as a friend as well Lucy, I freaking love you" Lauren spoke.

"Love you too loser" Lucy smiled at Lauren.

"Love you Ally! Oh thanks guys!" Ally teased the two girls who instantly broke out laughing. "I'm glad you two are friends, there's no drama with you two" Ally smiled and sighed afterwards, just as Lauren was about to reply her doorbell rang.

"Ill get it, two minutes guys... No paint fights!" Lauren spoke as she ran down the stairs and opened the door.


"Hey Keeks, whats up?" Lauren asked her friend Kiana.

"Just thought I'd visit your ass seeing as you have been over in a while" Kiana teased.

"I haven't updated you on my life!" Laurene exclaimed excitedly.

"So tell me?"

"Camz is back!"

"Shut the fuck up! No way?! Where is she?"

"She's shopping with Mani and Dinah, Ally and Lucy are upstairs helping ms do something, wanna come up? Its just decorating"

"Ally's here? Sure I'll help" Kiana spoke and Lauren stopped to look at her friend.

"Wanna tell me something?"

"What? No, lets go!" Kiana spoke as she went up the stairs, leaving a smirking Lauren behind.

"Keeks is here guys" Lauren spoke as that entered the room.

"Hey Kiana" Ally shyly waved as Lucy told Kiana to leave whilst she can as Lauren was making them paint the walls.

"So why are you redecorating Lauren?" Kiana asked as she and Ally shared a tin of paint, whilst Lucy and Lauren shared the over.

"Well, you know how I said Camz is back? She told me that she got attacked and that was why she left, well not really but you know, anyways she lost her memory. She was took in by two women and she said they took her to hospital which is where they found out she... Was pregnant. Long story short, Camz and I are having a baby, the baby wont necessarily be mine as she was attacked, but regardless, Camz and I are having a baby" Lauren informed Kiana who dropped her paint brush and jumped onto Lauren as she give her a huge hug.

Just then Camila, Normani and Dinah entered the room and saw Kiana attack Lauren in hugs. When Kiana noticed Camila was in the room she ran over to Camila and gave her a gently hug before congratulating and informing Camila just how much she and Chelsey missed her.

"The room looks beautiful guys, thank you so much" Camila spoke as Lauren went over and placed a kiss on Camila's cheek.

"Camz, this is my friend Lucy. Lucy this is my girlfriend Camila" Lauren spoke as the two girls greeted each other.

Camila instantly felt nervous and put her hand out for Lucy to shake, and grew anxious when she heard Lucy scoff.

"You made this dork so happy again" she gestured towards Lauren, "you need a hug for that" she spoke as she put her arms for Camila to enter the embrace, something that she done instantly to avoid any unwanted awkwardness.

"This is fucking perfect, my best friends and my girlfriend are all here, I love you all so much" Lauren spoke with gratitude. "How about we take a break and go downstairs, have some snacks and drinks?" Lauren asked and soon after all the girls were in Laurens movie room laughing and joking around.

"Shiiiiiit! I need some non alcoholic wine for Mila!" Dinah exclaimed as she came into the room with four bottles of wine.

"Its fine, I don't really fancy any drink like that Di" Camila laughed as she snuggled closer into Lauren.

"So Ally, wanna tell is all about this drama of yours?" Normani spoke.

"You sure y'all wanna listen to my boyfriend drama?" Ally asked, worrying that she was going to bore her friends.

"Ally sweety, we care for you, we will always be here if you want to talk" Kiana spoke as she held her hand out for Ally to take.

Ally took Kiana's hand and begun, "Jai has just been so distant, like he wont call me back or text me, its really hurting me, like how do I even know where we stand if he just... Doesn't reply?"

"I might pay Jai a visit and get a bear trap and trap his dick" Kiana thought out loud which caused all the girls to erupt into laughter.

"Ill try getting Jai to get in contact Ally. The little shit" Lauren spoke, annoyed that her friend was getting messed around.

"Its fine. I'm considering breaking up with him, I don't need to be surrounded with his negativity" Ally spoke as Kiana gasped. The two made eye contact and smiled at each other before Ally looked down towards the floor and blushed.

"Guys, its been great and stuff, but I need to go now"

"Modelling tomorrow?" Lauren asked Kiana who nodded.

"Guys, I think we should all go now, we all got busy days tomorrow" Dinah spoke as all the girls agreed, leaving Camila and Lauren to wave goodbye to their friends as they exited the house.

"Lets go to bed babe" Lauren gently said to Camila who instantly yawned when she heard the word bed.

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